ESPN suspends Woj without pay for his email to Republican Senator Josh Hawley. Adrian Wojnarowski also apologized for his email. (Image via Getty/Nathaniel S. Butler)

Adrian Wojnarowski or otherwise known as Woj has been suspended at ESPN without pay. The New York Post was the first to report the news. This is a wild story so buckle up your seat belts.

Republican Senator from Missouri Josh Hawley criticized Adam Silver for not allowing “Free Hong Kong” as one of the options for players to wear on the back of their jerseys. It’s something the NBA is allowing players to do in order to support the black lives matter movement. Of course, we know what transpired in China as the NBA failed to defend Daryl Morey.

Woj sent an email to Josh Hawley that said “Fuck You”. Hawley then leaked the email which sparked an apology from Woj:

ESPN then came down with this response and later suspended Wojnarowski.

Maria Taylor was one ESPN employee who defended Woj.

The NBA is allowing players to use social justice phrases on the back of their jerseys. “Equality,” “Black Lives Matter, “Vote” and “I Can’t Breathe.” are some of the potential options. “Stand With Hong Kong” Which is what Daryl Morey tweeted out was excluded.

Woj is the top news man in the land. Nobody is a better reporter in the NBA. I would make an argument that he’s head and shoulders better than any reporter in any sport. The Twitter community refers to him as #WojBombs for always dropping heat. You want to talk about heat? This is it right here.

It is unclear how long Woj will be suspended for but I can’t imagine it’s too long. Oh, no… what will we ever do without constant updates about who tests positive with the virus! Such a shame we don’t get those reports anymore… NOT.