ESPN has a new slogan and it might be the dumbest phrase of all-time. It’s also not remotely true (ESPN)

ESPN has been known as the ‘Worldwide leader in sports forever’. This was slogan material from day one. I still remember watching SportsCenter as a kid and hearing that phrase. Part of the reason why ESPN could use that slogan is because they had every right to call themselves that. They were really the first company to cover sports and nailed TV rights in the early stages. That gave them a leg up, of course.

Today my friends, ESPN officially died if it hasn’t already:


Yikes. That’s all I have to say. For starters, this might be the dumbest slogan I’ve ever read. Then again, this is what ESPN is now. They are a fanboy network. The people they target are people with IQ’s so low that they find shows like First Take entertaining. That’s what ESPN is. The number one asset at ESPN is Stephen A Smith who frankly is flat out stupid. He knows nothing about sports. He just knows how to scream and use synonyms.

I have to admit, I hate ESPN now but they did have a pretty cool slogan. They are a company that is slowly dying but surviving off of reputation. Now ESPN is openly throwing that reputation in the trash. That’s what ESPN wants to be… trash. If ESPN wasn’t dead already, it’s dead now.

I also need to mention that ESPN does not serve every fan. ESPN has one agenda, covering the NBA free agency. They talk about it every single day. That’s 85 percent of its content. The other 14 percent is the NFL. 1 percent goes to everything else. Serving fans? Show me how much they care about any other sport… They don’t. Everything outside of the NBA is eyewash.