Stephen A Smith
Stephen A Smith is one of the 5 dumbest humans on the planet. You won’t believe what he said to Jeff Passan in a recent interview (ESPN)

When you think of the five dumbest people on the planet, you just can’t leave Stephen A Smith off the list. Stephen A is ESPN’s clown that they dance around and get him to say a bunch of synonyms while he gets 50 percent of the information he says wrong. Today, Mike Trout signed a massive extension with the Angels. Stephen A Smith clearly knows nothing about baseball but was forced to talk about it anyway.

On his radio show, Baseball reporter, Jeff Passan made an appearance. Check out the dumb ass question Stephen A asks him:

I’m sure Stephen A also thinks that Josh Hamilton is in right field and Troy Glaus is still on the roster. Who knows, maybe Tim Salmon was his next question. ESPN’s poster child is a stupid human being that is constantly wrong. I really tried to help the guy out. All he has to do is claim he is sleep deprived and sue the company.

I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised. The only thing ESPN pours content into is basketball and football. Any other sport, they just let Stephen A say something stupid about it and carry on like with business as usual. It’s sad how little ESPN cares about the other sports. When is the last time Stephen A actually watched a baseball game? No chance it’s been within the past 5 years.

I truly want to know how the higher ups at ESPN watch his shows and consider it great content? There’s no way they watch. It’s like a principal at a school that observes the classrooms. You could say the same thing about Dave Gettleman and his obsession with Eli Manning. There’s just no way he watches the games.