Stephen A Smith
Stephen A Smith Boxed Dwayne Haskins Into The Ultimate Stereotype And Couldn’t Have Been More Wrong (ESPN)

We all know that ESPN is a company filled with idiots. Is there one intelligent person who is worth more than a package of saltines that works at ESPN? Probably not. The kingpin that leads that march is resident simpleton, Stephen A Smith. On First Take today, Stephen A Smith was talking about the upcoming quarterback draft class in the NFL. He boxed Dwayne Haskins into the ultimate stereotype and couldn’t have been more wrong.

Listen to what Stephen A has to say about Haskins. It really is a joke:

Let’s be honest here. There’s only one possible outcome that happened here. Stephen A Smith learned about the quarterbacks for the first time today in his research packet. He then scrolled through his notes and then noticed that Dwayne Haskins was an African American. Stephen A then went on National Television after scrolling through those notes and just went with the classic line of “More of a runner than a thrower” based on the sole fact that Haskins is black. That’s it. There’s no other possibility.

What Stephen A failed to realize is that Haskins does not fit that description at all. In 2018 Dwayne Haskins rushed for 108 yards on 79 attempts during the entire season. Compare that to his throwing numbers of 50 touchdowns, 4,831 yards, and 70 percent completion percentage and you realize that Stephen A couldn’t have been more wrong. Stephen A went to his notes and said to himself “Well, the guy is black and looks like Cam Newton physically so he must be a runner”.

I don’t want to even get into the fact that if Stephen A was white, he would have absolutely get fired for this. I’m not going to go there. What this should prove is that Stephen A Smith might just be one of the dumbest humans on the face of the planet. This guy is barely smart enough to sweep floors, let alone speak on TV.

Part of me does, however, feel bad for him. The guy is overworked. ESPN is so desperate for content that they call on Stephen A to say something stupid every hour. Get Up ratings are trash so let’s get Stephen A on to say something. Breaking news in boxing? Better go get a sound bite from Stephen A. UFC developing story? Get Stephen A on the phone. It’s no wonder that Stephen A continues to spew literal shit out of his mouth. The guy is overworked and probably could sue his own company for a fortune. The list of embarrassing things that go on within this company only continues to grow.