Stephen A Smith
Stephen A Smith will sign an extension with ESPN worth a crazy $10 million per year. (Melissa Rawlins/ESPN Images)

America might be the only country in the world where a stupid person can make a lot of money. Luckily, Stephen A Smith and his halfwit brain is about to cash in. Despite having the IQ of a dead squirrel, Stephen A will become the richest ESPN personality by a wide margin.

The New York Post reported the following:

“Quite frankly, Stephen A. Smith is going to be richer.

Smith is in line to become the highest-paid on-air person at ESPN by potentially boosting his salary to $10 million per year, according to people with knowledge of the upcoming negotiations. The Post spoke with multiple executives and agents to figure out the number that Smith could garner, and the consensus was in the $8 million-to-$10 million range. By comparison, Mike Greenberg is paid $6.5 million to host “Get Up!,” which is the network’s highest publicly known salary. PTI’s Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser are believed to be in Greenberg’s neighborhood.

“SportsCenter”’s Scott Van Pelt, with his rising late-night ratings, is also considered in the nearly indispensable category in Bristol.

Since Smith still has two years remaining on his current contract — which is paying him, according to sources, in the $5 million per range — the two sides have not yet begun serious talks. But ESPN considers Smith among its most valuable on-air performers, and many think he is on top of the mountain.”

The article also includes a segment that claims that ESPN higher ups essentially like Smith because he works 120 hours a week and makes a fool out of himself. Apparently, that’s what ESPN is going for. Let’s make the highest paid employee a total clown show that we can parade around just to get people to react to what he says.

At least Stephen A does pull in ratings. I can’t say the same for Mike Greenberg who isn’t knowledgeable, funny, entertaining, or smart. It is just another sad day in the sports world. Rewarding a jackass to continue to act like a jackass. That’s America for you. What has Stephen A done in recent months? Well, he boxed Dwayne Haskins into a stereotype that wasn’t true, had no clue who the Angels manager was, and couldn’t have sounded dumber when speaking about Gordon Hayward.

Hey ESPN, your king is a total moron and it’s why your company has slowly turned into a joke that people with brains do not watch.