Paul Pierce
Paul Pierce has been fired by ESPN after the viral Instagram Live video showed Pierce brought the strip club back to his house. Pierce doesn’t seem too upset he got fired either. (Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Mtn Dew NBA All-Star Weekend)

ESPN Fires Paul Pierce After Instagram Live Video

Paul Pierce decided to film himself… doing… well… yeah, I got zero words. So… this happened and ESPN decided it was time to part ways.

Long story short, Pierce brought the strip club to his house. Pierce went straight on Instagram live and was having a good ole time. Well, the no fun club that is ESPN was having no part of this. ESPN promptly fired Pierce a few days after the video.

Pierce has been with ESPN pretty much as soon after his playing career ended. The former Celtic great has appeared on The Jump and NBA Countdown. The truth of the matter is, wasn’t great on TV. It’s why they reassigned him when at the same time they canned Michelle Beadle.

What’s next for Pierce? Who knows. He doesn’t seem too upset by the news. Maybe he will just bring the strip club back to his house again?

That man doesn’t care a lick. Who knows? Maybe Pierce wanted out and said the hell with it. I’m just going to do something crazy so they fire me. It wouldn’t be the worst strategy in the world. ESPN is heading down the toilet. That puppy is a sinking ship.

What’s the next move for Pierce? I’m sure he’s not dying for money. He had a long and lucrative NBA career. Piece made more than $195 million in career earnings. Maybe Barstool is his next move? It looks like Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool, would be very interested in adding him to the team.

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