LaMelo Ball
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LaMelo Ball Rumored To Be Seen With Trump At Trampoline Park

LaMelo Ball may be out the rest of the NBA season in 2021 with a broken wrist, but he has made a strong rookie campaign look even better. Ball was rumored to be spotted alongside porn star Teanna Trump at a trampoline park. While this may seem like just a rumor at first, it is worth noting that Instagram star Ana Montana was confirmed as a spectator among Ball’s friends at one of his Hornets games back in March. So at the very least, LaMelo should be considered a ladies’ man. Still, if this rumor is true, it will be the first real controversy of LaMelo’s NBA career, aside from his psycho dad Lavar shouting his name on every sports show and making absurd claims about his son. I shouldn’t bash Lavar too hard though. After all, he must have done something right because all three of his sons have received an NBA contract, with an asterisk under LiAngelo Ball because he already got cut by the Pistons.

Teanna Trump Has A History In The NBA

What makes this rumor even more bizarre is that Teanna Trump has even claimed that she slept with an Indiana Pacers player when she was just 16-years-old. Now 25, Trump has seemed to take a strong interest in LaMelo Ball, who is currently 19-years-old. If LaMelo Ball’s reputation and last name weren’t polarizing enough already, his name will now be taken to the stratosphere. I’m sure there are NBA owners and analysts around the league scoffing at these rumors. But at the same time, there’s a good possibility that LaMelo is getting some high-fives at the very least in Charlotte’s locker room for scoring a shot with Teanna Trump…allegedly.

LaMelo Is The Heart Of Charlotte

Despite all of these new rumors, LaMelo is having a great career in the NBA so far and has accomplished more than 99% of kids his age, whether or not they played in the NBA. Ball averaged 15.9 points, 5.9 rebounds, and 6.1 assists before his wrist injury with the Charlotte Hornets. One could argue that Ball single-handedly brought the Hornets franchise out of the basement and pulled them back into contention. The Hornets currently sit at the sixth seed in the Eastern Conference at 25-24. Unfortunately, LaMelo, Gordon Hayward, and Malik Monk are all out with significant injuries, so Ball’s 2021 performance may all be in vain if Charlotte can’t hold on to make the playoffs.