ESPN will shake up their NBA Countdown show after this season. Beadle, Pierce, and Billups are OUT

ESPN NBA Countdown has been a total disaster for awhile now. Everybody is pretty much aware of this. TNT has been kicking its ass for years. The Shaq, Charles Barkley, and Kenny the Jet trio cannot be compared to the dumpster fire that ESPN put together. Today, it has been announced that they will remove Michelle Beadle, Paul Pierce, AND Chauncey Billups from Countdown after this season.

Sports by Brooks had the following information:

“ has learned from multiple sources that Michelle Beadle will not return as host of ESPN’s NBA Countdown next season.”

“Multiple sources also tell that NBA Countdown analysts Chauncey Billups and Paul Pierce will not return to the show next season as full-time analysts but that Jalen Rose will remain on Countdown in his current capacity.”

“ has also learned from multiple sources that ESPN on-air talents Maria Taylor and Rachel Nichols are under consideration to take over as host of Countdown.”

This is hilarious. Obviously, it’s something that had to be done but still hilarious. We ALL knew this day would come the second this team was announced. Michelle Beadle sucks. There’s no other way to put it. The only thing she is good at is getting reassigned to another job because she sucks at the one she is in. It wasn’t too long ago that Beadle got booted from ‘Get Up’ because of how anemic the ratings were. They have since improved slightly but that was a given. Nobody wants to watch Beadle. She looks like she smokes 3 packs of cigarettes a day. Beadle is also the definition of a human rain delay. It’s impossible to watch her speak and not want to turn the Television off. ESPN should just fire Beadle because it’s pretty obvious that at this point she’s just not an asset to the company in any capacity.

Then we have Paul Pierce and Chauncey Billups who are both clueless dopes. Pierce has been going viral during the postseason for all the wrong reasons. He couldn’t get a prediction right to save his life. There isn’t a moment in time where Pierce says anything intelligent. I pulled this one up from memory.

I don’t have much to add on Billups. I’m sure I would but I don’t watch the countdown show because it’s unwatchable. Somehow that buffoon, Jalen Rose kept his job. Don’t ask me how. I’m fascinated to see how ESPN puts the rest of the Countdown show together. Given the fact that ESPN doesn’t get anything right, I’m guessing they will just beg Stephen A Smith to do it with another person in a move that makes zero sense.