Carson Wentz Dak Prescott
Carson Wentz is better than Dak Prescott and it’s not close. If the Cowboys pay Dak, the Eagles will dominate the division for the next 10 years (Ron Jenkins/Associated Press)

Who would you take Dak Prescott or Carson Wentz? A huge debate is going around the NFL right now about who is the better quarterback. After the Eagles agreed to an extension with Carson Wentz, now the pressure is on Dallas to secure a deal with their quarterback. Should Dak be paid more or less than Wentz? I have an enormous issue with this debate because I’m not sure why it’s really a debate. Not only is Carson Wentz the better player, but it’s also not even remotely close.

I stumbled upon this video. After this, I couldn’t stay silent on this topic any longer.

My favorite line of this clip was when that fool Stephen A said “I decide what I’m allowed to do because I’m Stephen A” If you need any more proof that this guy is one of the biggest idiots in human history, then seek help. You can’t say let Foles walk and then have an issue with how much money Wentz got in an extension. That’s just being an idiot, which is exactly what Stephen A is.

But there’s no need to dive into that any further. What should be discussed is Dak’s next contract. Should it be worth more than Wentz’s deal? HELL NO! I could go on for hours about everything that is wrong with the ESPN clip. That’s not the point. The point is that there is a group of people that are actually advocating for Prescott to get that kind of pay day. All of those people couldn’t be more wrong.

Carson Wentz AND Dak Prescott
Howie Roseman has proved he is one of the best general managers in football. Are you really going to doubt he just made an unwise business decision? Chances are unlikely (Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports)

First, the Eagles did what any smart GM would do (if you don’t understand how smart Howie Roseman is, then get help). Roseman signed Wentz before he had to. Quarterback contracts continue to increase year after year. Roseman could have waited two years to sign the extension. Instead, he got the deal now and convinced Wentz to sign a 4-year extension worth $128 million. Wentz’s 2019 salary is around $8 million. Then his 5th-year option is still intact. After the 2020 season is when the new money kicks in. Therefore, Philly still has two years to take advantage of the rookie contract while securing a new extension two years prior to when it needed to be signed. Two years from now, instead of being a top 3 highest paid quarterback, he’s going to slide into the bottom or out of the top 10 highest paid quarterbacks. Wentz is also the only quarterback under contract through the 2024 season. Now the Eagles did make a hefty portion of the deal guaranteed but it’s not going to matter. Wentz is the guy long term anyway. Now if you can read that and not understand that paying Wentz now was a smart business decision, again, go seek help.

Now let’s get to Dak. Reports have come out that Prescott wants more money than Wentz got. It’s an outrageous ask. I’ll go to the grave saying this. You cannot pay mediocre quarterbacks franchise quarterback money. Dear, Dallas. DO NOT make the Blake Bortles mistake. There is no piece of statistical evidence that points to the fact that Prescott should earn more money than Wentz. It just isn’t factually true.

Carson Wentz Dak Prescott
There isn’t a single piece of on field production that points to Dak Prescott deserving a monster contract extension. It’s just a fact. (Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Prescott has never thrown for 24 touchdowns in a season. Wentz threw for 33 touchdowns in 2017 in 13 games. Wentz would have been the MVP of the NFL in 2017 had he not tore his knee up. Over the past two years, Wentz has thrown 14 interceptions. Prescott had 13 alone in 2017 and 8 in 2018. Wentz has more passing yards per game and lower sack percentage too. Slice it anyway you want. Wentz has been the better player on the field.

The arguments against Carson Wentz are always the same. BUT… NICK FOLES! Who do you think clinched home field advantage that year for the Eagles? Philly doesn’t win that championship without it. Try beating Atlanta in Atlanta instead of at home. I can say the same about the Vikings. Foles did what Foles does. He gets really hot and then gets really cold. He is Ryan Fitzpatrick. Not someone you want for the next 10 years but someone you want for a 3 game stretch when really hot. Foles isn’t on Wentz’s level either.

Then we have the injury concerns. Sure, those are concerns. Wentz was hurt in college too. It’s also not really fair to put a shaky 2018 on Wentz who clearly rushed back and shouldn’t have. Here is what I do know. The Eagles will win the NFC East and Wentz will reclaim his spot as a perennial MVP candidate. Plus if we’re being honest, Roseman signed Wentz to a deal while all the idiots forget how good Wentz is. He signed him when the stock was low. What do you think that would have cost him when Wentz comes back firing on all cylinders in 2019? That’s just playing the stock market, baby!

Look, I have respect for what Dak does. This is a guy who had Mississippi State ranked as the number one team in the country in college. That’s really hard to do. The things I like about Dak have nothing to do with football. He’s a good leader and his intangibles are off the charts. Here’s the truth. Prescott has been on a downward trajectory since his rookie season (not a good sign). Prescott also needs pieces around him. During the 6 game stretch without Ezekiel Elliott in 2017 (Who is the best running back in football) Prescott threw 5 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. He also threw for under 220 yards in 5 of the 6 games. That’s just Zeke. His numbers without Tyron Smith at left tackle are staggering too. The second Dallas pays Dak, those pieces slowly start to disintegrate. Can’t say the same about Wentz. His favorite target is Zach Ertz who is also locked up long term.

At the end of the day, Dak Prescott gives the Cowboys a zero percent chance to ever win a Super Bowl. An overpaid Prescott takes what is a competitive team and puts them down the toilet. Even if you are a Dak believer, wouldn’t you want to see him take that leap as a 30 touchdown passer in 2019? If that doesn’t happen, then you have your answer, even if you don’t like the result. Tom Brady takes pay cuts because he wants a better team around him. Carson Wentz didn’t haggle for every dollar either. Now it’s Dak’s turn. Take $25 million instead of $35 million. That’s what Tom Brady would do. If Dallas pays Dak Prescott more than Carson Wentz, it will be the Eagles who dominate the division for the next 10 years.