Robert Woods
Every fantasy expert on the planet tells you Robert Woods is undervalued. Here’s why Woods doesn’t get me going and I’ll take a shot elsewhere. (Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Robert Woods is the classic example of a fantasy player where the experts will tell you that you can draft them at a value and nobody really cares. Every expert on the planet loves Robert Woods but the general public doesn’t care. It took me some time to try to think why I don’t really care about Woods either. The man doesn’t score. Plain and simple.

I’m not a loser that does PPR drafts. In a non PPR draft, Woods doesn’t have nearly the same value. The targets are going to be there. The former USC product has had over 130 each of the last two years. He also has back to back seasons of over 1,000 yards. That’s fine but it doesn’t get me going at night. The man doesn’t score.

Apparently some people believe touchdowns are luck. I do not believe touchdowns are luck. Robert Woods has never scored more than 6 touchdowns in a season. Last year that number was TWO. No thank you. Woods has been in the league 7 years and is averaging 3.5 touchdowns per year. Who wants to sign up for that?

I don’t see the high upside. I’ll much rather take a dart throw on DK Metcalf and or AJ Brown who are an hour away from turning into straight monsters from Space Jam. I don’t play PPR so maybe James White gets you going at night for whatever reason.

Experts may tell you to draft Robert Woods but I always feel like I can do better. Terry McLaurin scored 1 less point last year than Woods in my league. Robert Woods is fine. The dude is not a top 10 fantasy wide receiver. Can we stop with that? I haven’t once brought up Jared Goff either.