Brad Wanamaker
Philadelphia fans are so miserable and depressed that they are now jealous the Celtics have Brad Wanamaker. You can’t make this one up. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

Things are bad with the 76ers. I will happily toot my own horn here because I’m the only person in American that somehow knew this Philly team was terrible. However, I’m not sure I can say I say this one coming. The Philadelphia media is so miserable and depressed that they are somehow jealous the Celtics have Brad Wanamaker. You can’t make this up.

Danny Pommells of NBC Sports Philadelphia wrote a piece titled: “Celtics’ Brad Wanamaker embodies Philly grit’. Beyond hilarious. I’m having a hard time writing this with a straight face. Anyway, below is the quote.

“We all know the Philly area is a special place. It has a way of molding you. People from here can survive and thrive where others might not because we come from a place where you experience real life.

In the middle of the Sixers gasping for air as Boston smothers their postseason chances, a real, true Philadelphia story is unfolding on the opposing bench. Roman Catholic grad Brad Wanamaker is playing backup point guard minutes for the Celtics as the embodiment of that Philly grit, simply by playing on an NBA court. 

The North Philly native was a 29-year-old rookie with Boston last season after playing for seven seasons in Europe. The odds were long, but a role has developed for Wanamaker as he now helps contribute to the part of the villain in the latest chapter of not only one of Philadelphia’s most storied rivalries, but the NBA’s, as well.

He’s even shooting off gems like this on social media at the expense of his hometown team.”

Look, I know the 76ers are hot garbage but this sad. There’s nothing you can tell me that I wouldn’t believe when it comes to Philly fans. I’m having a hard time fathoming this. The Philadelphia media has become beaten down and miserable they are jealous the Celtics have Brad Wanamaker.

For the record, you can have him, Philly fans. I’ll tell you what. Wanamaker is a restricted free agent in the offseason. Throw him the bag. I’m sure Boston won’t match. He will definitely fix your problems.

To be honest, I wish Brad Stevens cut him from the rotation. Wanamaker is averaging more turnovers than assists on the season as a point guard. SAD. The only thing good about him is he hits his free throws. That’s the only positive trait. Usually, when he’s on the floor, the Celtics start falling behind. Boston is -1.6 points per 100 possessions when he’s on the floor compared to off.

I’m used to Philadelphia fans being irrational. I’m sure Wanamaker will fit right in. Just get ready for unnecessary travels and a shooting percentage of .281 from 3-10 feet in the lane. They still think Nick Foles is better than Carson Wentz. This one I didn’t see coming. Get ready. The 76ers are throwing the bag at Brad Wanamaker this offseason.