Don't Eat The Cheese
Who makes the Don’t Eat The Cheese list for 2021 fantasy football wide receiver busts? Read to find out who to avoid. (Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

Picking the wrong wide receiver in fantasy more often than not won’t kill you. There was only a 6.8% decrease in point per game production from WR10 to 15 last year. That was even in PPR leagues where scoring is more tangible. Once again, I don’t PPR, but the moral of the story here is, we’re looking for wide receivers that are busts. There is no reason to reach for any of the names on the Don’t Eat The Cheese list. Here are your 2021 Fantasy Football wide receiver busts.

Terry McLaurin (Washington No Namers)

In what world is Terry McLaurin a top 10 WR? Not one that’s ever existed thus far. I’m now supposed to believe that McLaurin is someone like DeAndre Hopkins or Calvin Ridley because of Ryan Fitzpatrick? What the hell are we doing here?

Below average offense, insertion of Curtis Samuel, lack of touchdowns, and inconsistent quarterback play. You can’t pick McLaurin as a top 10 option. Can’t do it.

Chris Godwin (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Last year I was smart to fade Chris Godwin. I think it’s pretty clear now that Mike Evans is the guy, and Godwin is just really good. I’m nervous about the Super Bowl hangover. I’m worried Brady will spread the ball around too much that Evans will be the only one with value. Antonio Brown, Scotty Miller, Jaelon Darden, Tyler Johnson, and all three tight ends are back.

The days of treating Godwin as this top 10 option are donezo.

Julio Jones (Tennessee Titans)

The Julio Jones thing is comical. In Atlanta, Julio could have easily had a really good fantasy year. We know how Atlanta is. They blow leads like it’s their job but also put up a ton of points. Now Julio goes to a run first team in Tennessee while still being behind A.J. Brown on the pecking order.

Julio is also falling apart physically. He’s had trouble staying healthy already with the Titans. Honestly, I’m out on this team altogether. Everything Max Murphy wrote recently, I 100 percent agree with.

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