Terry McLaurin
Terry McLaurin is officially an overrated fantasy WR. Do people honestly expect McLaurin to put up top 10 production in 2021? (Mark Brown/Getty Images)

Terry McLaurin Is Officially An Overrated Fantasy WR

The Terry McLaurin hype train has gone too far. Now it is officially affecting his fantasy value. Fantasy Pros has listed McLaurin as a top ten fantasy wide receiver for the upcoming season. Stop the damn madness. Enough is enough. The Washington wide receiver is talented but my god things have gone too far.

Terry McLaurin is officially an overrated wide receiver. If there was a nastier way to say that, feel free to insert those words for me. McLaurin finished the 2020 season as WR23. One spot ahead of Will Fuller who played in four fewer games. Two spots ahead of Curtis Samuel who is now his teammate and was the third best receiver in Carolina. Did you know Nelson Agholor scored more fantasy points than McLaurin did last year? WTF are we doing here?

This isn’t meant to disparage McLaurin. Yes, the guy can play. He has talent. I’m not suggesting that is the case. It wasn’t too long ago I wrote a post about AJ Brown and wacked out Washington fans tried to suggest their guy was better. The McLaurin hype train has just reached levels of delusion. Michael Gallup is the better overall talent. He’s just in Dallas and behind Amari Cooper – CeeDee Lamb so he won’t score the same number of fantasy points.

McLaurin now has more competition for targets in 2021 with Samuel and Dyami Brown joining the roster. Logan Thomas is no slouch at tight end and Antonio Gibson should get his fair share of targets. Ryan Fitzpatrick is actually an underrated fantasy quarterback, but c’mon. McLaurin isn’t in the Peyton Manning Colts offense. Let’s not pretend that Washington is going to be out here slinging points left and right out here.

Hard pass. I’ll sell my stock here. WR9? No chance. None. This is the same guy that had four touchdowns a year ago and it never felt like he should have had more. I want no part of this fantasy investment.