Karl Heiser Respect Tour

Karl Heiser Respect Tour – My Take on The State of Vendetta

If you have been paying attention to the site at all over the last few weeks, things are changing around here. No matter if the changes are good or bad, they are coming and we are going to have to roll with it. Today I completed what I liked to refer to as the Karl Heiser Respect Tour, a 20 blog day. This post was going to be all about Karl, but because of the last few days here at Vendetta, this last blog is going to cover multiple things.

King Karl

The man has bailed me out before, but he has earned my respect and the respect of the entire company with his blogs. Always well written, and when Trey challenged the group, he stepped up and outposted the group himself. He did his 20 blog day, so there was no better way to end mine with the reason

Out of respect for Karl, I even took his little footer from the bottom of his posts for all of the posts today.

My Take of Vendetta Today

Like I said in the introduction of this blog, things are changing around here. Watch Survivor if you care enough, but if you are associated with Vendetta this should be considered mandatory. The difference here I think is people really want to be here and want to succeed. I can get down with a group of people that have a common goal like that.

Right now I am asking people to buy into what we are doing here, and goes for people inside the house as well. Support each other, watch the streams on Twitch, tune into videos on YouTube. A little bit goes a long way in terms of the internet and content creation. We all know it is going to be a war to get an audience from the outside, but we can help from within.

According to Trey we are ahead of schedule, and if you want to listen to the state of the company make sure you tune into That’s Some Cheese. I am going to take a break for a few days from blogging so if you miss me tune into my show Empires FInest with myself and Anthony Fontanello.


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