Don't Eat The Cheese
Don’t Eat the Cheese! I’ll bet every dollar in my bank account Tom Brady has fewer fantasy points than Jameis Winston did last year. That’s bad news for Chris Godwin. Who else makes the cheese list for wide receivers? (Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

Don’t Eat the Cheese! Are you the idiot that drafted Antonio Brown last year? Too bad you didn’t listen to me last year. Are you the person that drafted Odell Beckham last year? Sucks to suck because I’d rather set myself on fire than have Beckham on my team. Would have been less painful than having him in fantasy last year. I’m here to save you from heart break.

Sometimes it’s more important to know who to avoid rather than know who to draft. Picking the wrong players can tank your season. I’m here to help. Who should you avoid when it comes to wide receivers in 2020 fantasy football leagues? Don’t eat the cheese!

Chris Godwin (Buccaneers)

I will bet every dollar in my bank account that Tom Brady has fewer fantasy points than Jameis Winston did last year. If you disagree then I’m not sure I can help you. Tom Brady is not throwing for 5,000 yards this year. It’s not happening. What does that mean?

Chris Godwin isn’t getting 1,333 yards in 14 games. It’s not possible to repeat that sort of pace.

Again there are two possibilities here.

A: Tom Brady is good, the Bucs have more leads, they run the ball more and control clock.

B: Tom Brady is bad, the Bucs offense takes a dip, the receivers fail to produce.

Either will not get him the numbers that Jameis Winston did last year.

Mike Evans (Buccaneers)

See Chris Godwin explanation.

Amari Cooper (Cowboys)

This has nothing to do with Amari Cooper the player. I love that guy. This has everything to do with Amari Cooper the fantasy player. Let’s take a step by step process.

Will Cooper get more than 119 targets like he did last year? CeeDee Lamb gets inserted into the offense and Blake Jarwin should get more of a role than Jason Witten did last year. The answer is probably no.

Is Zeke Elliott still the number one option in the offense? You bet your ass he is.

Will Dak Prescott throw for over 5,000 yards again? I’ll take the under.

Michael Gallup had a similar 16 game pace to Cooper. I believe Gallup is underrated as a player and isn’t going away in the offense.

Are we sure Mike McCarthy won’t fuck this whole thing up? I’m not.

You see how the questions start to build for even a great player like Cooper? I’m out on this one. Again, love the player in real life. Just not so much this year for fantasy purposes.

Odell Beckham (Browns)

Help me Jesus, Help me Oprah Winfrey, Help me Tom Cruise; I’m on FIRE! Did you draft Odell Beckham or watch him play football last year. Baker Mayfield is still his quarterback and now Austin Hooper is involved in the offense. Do I really need to keep going?

Keenan Allen (Chargers)

This one is more of an indication of Tyrod Taylor. This is not going to be a high powered passing offense. Taylor threw 20 touchdowns just once in his 3 full seasons as a starting quarterback. If we’re talking touchdowns, I’m not sure how Mike Williams doesn’t scare you too. He’s going to steal the few that exist. Not to mention Austin Ekeler is getting his in the short dump off game. You’re almost hoping the Chargers fall apart and Justin Herbert takes over. Then he does his best Jameis impression and struggles as a rookie. That’s a big bet to take.

Alshon Jeffery (Eagles)

If Alshon Jeffery is on your list then you just don’t pay attention. When Jeffery played like year, he looked like a deer that got shot. To no one’s surprise (that pays attention) Jeffery was placed on the PUP list and likely will miss the first 8-10 weeks of this season. This one is easy but I felt like I had to include it.