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Don’t Eat The Cheese: 2019 Fantasy Football Quarterback Busts

2019 Fantasy Football
Were you thinking about drafting Drew Brees in fantasy? Don’t eat the cheese! Who are the other #fantasyfootball quarterback busts in 2019? (Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

Don’t Eat The Cheese: 2019 Fantasy Football Quarterback Busts

Fantasy Football season is finally here. If you want to win your fantasy league, it’s probably more important to cross the busts off your list first. You can win a fantasy league in a variety of ways. Choosing the wrong quarterback is not one of them. Don’t eat the cheese and ruin your fantasy season by taking a bad quarterback. What’s that smell? Oh, it’s rotten cheese. Stay away, folks. Who are the 2019 fantasy football quarterback busts to avoid?

*For the record, I’m not using any verbiage for snake drafts. If you’re a loser that still does snake drafts instead of auction style, take a hard long look in the mirror and realize how big of a loser you are. If you would rather play checkers rather than chess, by all means. Just don’t talk to me.

Jared Goff (Los Angeles Rams)

Super Bowl hangovers are real. The Eagles never really responded well in terms of high end fantasy players a year ago. Outside of Zach Ertz, everyone on the Eagles roster underwhelmed in fantasy. The Rams will take a big step back. They are the hunted ones. That means more focus on Sean McVay’s offense. How does this guy keep fooling us? If defenses figure him out by 15 percent, that’s a huge deal.

Let’s also be honest about something. Jared Goff stinks. I don’t care what anyone says. Without Sean McVay, Goff is out of a job. I’ll take the under on 30 touchdown passes. We also don’t know the health status of Todd Gurley. All I know is Goff was atrocious when Gurley wasn’t the same. From Week 12-15 last year, Goff had a TD-INT ratio of 2-6. That’s who he is without Gurley. I wouldn’t touch Goff with a 10foot pole.

Drew Brees and Tom Brady

This is just a general fantasy note. Avoid all the old quarterbacks. If they are 40 or play like they are 40, don’t touch them. The real secret to winning a fantasy championship is being on fire from Weeks 13-16. Nothing else really matters. If your team isn’t good enough to get in the playoffs otherwise, that’s a you problem.

Drew Brees wasn’t good at the end of the 2018 season. From Weeks 13-16, Brees had a TD-INT ratio of 3-3. Brees also threw for under 205 yards in 3 of the 4 games. Tom Brady wasn’t much better. Brady’s TD-INT ratio over that same stretch was 6-4. That doesn’t win fantasy titles. It’s not because I don’t like those guys. It’s because they end the season slow. Playoff positioning will probably be wrapped up. Maybe they even give one of them a week off. Just avoid the risk. That’s what fantasy is all about. For the record, I said the same thing a year ago and it paid off.

Dak Prescott (Dallas Cowboys)

I’ve seen Dak Prescott ranked way too high in fantasy. This guy is a walking Alex Smith. 2016: 23 touchdowns – 2017: 22 touchdowns – 2018: 22 touchdowns. That’s Alex Smith before Andy Reid. Prescott still hasn’t hit the 4,000 yard passing mark either. Prescott is also giving you 6 rushing touchdowns a year. It’s happened 3 years in a row. That’s not good enough. There are much higher upside plays you can take. Prescott gives you Alex Smith numbers every year. PASS.

Mitch Trubisky (Chicago Bears)

Defenses have now been given a full offseason to prepare for the smoke and mirror Matt Nagy offense. This Bears defense will also take a step back. From Vic Fangio to Chuck Pagano. That’s all I need to say. That means less valuable field position. That means more pressure on Trubisky to carry the team. Something he can’t do and never will be able to do. Pro Football Focus nailed this one. He’s the 31st ranked quarterback in football. The guy stinks. I want no part of this stock.

Marcus Mariota (Tennessee Titans)

I don’t need to say much here. When Marcus Mariota plays, he sucks. When Mariota doesn’t play, well, that happens a lot too. Mariota is either hurt or terrible. This guy gave you 11 passing touchdowns in 14 games. Think about how terrible that is? Don’t even waste a dollar on this scrub.


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