2019 Fantasy Football
Check out the top 10 2019 Fantasy Football rookie running backs for the upcoming season (Steve Helber/AP)

The 2019 NFL Draft is in the books and now we know where every rookie is going to be playing this upcoming season. That means it’s time to dive right into 2019 fantasy football rankings. After starting with the rookie quarterbacks, we’re going to dive right into rookie running backs. It’s a jumbled group but finding the right rookie back can win you your fantasy league. Let’s get right into it. Who are the 2019 fantasy football top 10 rookie running backs?

10: Rodney Anderson (Bengals)

The Bengals drafted two running backs. Trayveon Williams and Rodney Anderson were both taken in the 6th round. It looks like one will have a chance to carve out the 3rd back spot behind Joe Mixon and Gio Bernard. I like Anderson’s chances a hell of a lot more. Rodney Anderson is a 2nd round player if healthy. That’s a big if, of course. Anderson missed action in 2015, 2016, and 2018. Make no mistake about it, this is a really talented player though who can catch as well. Check out the preseason and take a look who looks better between the two rookie backs. I like Anderson if healthy.

9: Bryce Love (Redskins)

Speaking of health, Bryce Love is the epitome of that. Love goes in round one of the 2018 Draft but he went back to school. Then Love torn his ACL and suffered bad ankle injuries. However, Love found his way in an interesting spot. If Love can bounce back, a duo of Love and Derrius Guice sounds like a lot of fun. I would think the Redskins are planning to have Love involved in the pass game too. This is all about health. Check in and out during the preseason to see what’s going on. Love is much higher on the board if he’s cleared and ready to go.

8: Ryquell Armstead (Jaguars)

Leonard Fournette keeps getting in trouble. The guy has been arrested left and right this offseason. Fournette is also wildly overrated. Fournette averaged 3.3 yards per carry in 2018. All he did was run into the line of scrimmage and fall over. I’m not even sure he really likes football. Enter Ryquell Armstead who doesn’t have any of those issues. Armstead runs nasty and has some decent speed to him. Worst case, Armstead will get looks as a change of pace guy. The only thing you worry about is Armstead’s lack of receiving background. Regardless, the Temple back has an opportunity to make noise in a run-heavy offense.

7: Benny Snell (Steelers)

As a James Conner fantasy owner, I’m nervous. This is classic Pittsburgh. Draft a 240 pound bruising running back, have him drop 20 pounds, turns into a superstar. Wash, rinse, and repeat. Benny Snell is a punishing runner who chugs downhill and kills people. Add some quickness in his game, Snell become real dangerous, real quick. Snell might be a better dynasty pick than a year one pick but Snell is a good player.

6: Darrell Henderson (Rams)

Darrell Henderson found his way in a brutal situation. Playing behind Todd Gurley is a disaster for his fantasy stock. I loved Henderson at Memphis. I think he’s better than Josh Jacobs to begin with. The problem is, he’s probably in a backup only role. That’s about all I have. Maybe roll the dice with a late round pick and hope Gurley gets hurt again.

5: Devin Singletary (Bills)

The Bills have both Frank Gore and LeSean McCoy on the roster. Both were playing during the days of the Dinosaurs. Singletary kind of plays like Shady. While he’s not nearly that good, Singletary is a quicker than fast player. He makes some great cuts and makes guys miss. This one is about opportunity. Late in the year, it’s not impossible that the Florida Atlantic rookie is the number one guy on the depth chart.

4: David Montgomery (Bears)

Jordan Howard was traded to Philadelphia and it looks like the Bears really want David Montgomery to fill that role. They even traded up for Montgomery despite having like 2 draft picks left. Montgomery led the country in broken tackles. This pick also told us the Tarik Cohn is a change of pace player only. Montgomery is not only in line for touches. He’s also in line of touches on that team with a great defense and a bad quarterback. Checks all around.

3: Miles Sanders (Eagles)

I hated this pick for Philadelphia. I thought it was a huge reach. Then again, Philly is a great spot. Sanders can carve out a receiving role with Jordan Howard taking on the rushing attack. Always attack players on great offenses. Sanders is on a great offense and should take on a large receiving chunk out of the backfield. That’s about all you can ask for as a rookie.

2: Josh Jacobs (Raiders)

This goes against one of my biggest rules in fantasy. Never draft a running back on a bad team. The thing is that Jacobs was the only back drafted in the first round. He’s also the only rookie who will start and get a bulk of the carries. While Jacobs is probably the top rookie back to target, I know I won’t get him in snake drafts (I don’t do snake drafts anyway). Jacobs is wildly overrated and is on a bad Raiders team. He will get touches. That’s a good thing.

1: Damien Harris (Patriots)

I know, I know, I know. You hate drafting Patriots running backs. You never know when or how much they will play. BUT… I want upside. Harris could be the touchdown hog in New England. That’s enough for me. Worst case, I think he gets a bunch of carries in a split with Sony Michel. That’s fantasy heaven. Harris replaces Rex Burkhead and will have his games where he snags two touchdowns at the goal line.