Detroit Pistons
Bob Leverone/Associated Press

When I look at the Detroit Pistons, they could fix all of their problems this year and be ready to compete in 2022. No, not after this offseason, but after the next offseason. I alluded to this in my article a while ago about how the Pistons can fix their mess. They have done some of the stuff they needed to do, but they need to commit fully. This article will be just things that they can do this year to set them up beautifully for the next offseason. If you think this article is about how the Pistons have a chance to succeed next year, leave. They don’t and they shouldn’t even if they could. Let me explain.

Trade Blake Griffin

For the love of God, someone be man enough to trade Blake Griffin. It makes no sense that the Pistons traded Andre Drummond, a much younger player, and keep Blake Griffin. He’s been injury prone for years and he is not going to fit in the Pistons grand scheme of things. Trade him for anything. If the Pistons were smart they should trade him for expiring contracts in 2021 (more on that later). Either way, keeping Blake Griffin literally makes absolutely no sense and he is just wasting cap space.

Tank the 2021 Season

I hate asking teams to tank. But for the Pistons it is the right move. That means this offseason that they don’t need to spend a shit ton of money by getting Free Agents. Especially good free agents. The Pistons have a chance to have a top 3 pick this weak draft. They’ll probably get some good talent that way. But the key here is to keep building on that young talent for this year. The Pistons can draft a good prospect this year and by tanking next year, also get a good rookie next year. That way, they have Luke Kennard, whoever they draft this year, and have a high draft selection next year, at least. That’s a good young trio for the Pistons to build on.

Sign Only 1-Year Deals

Why? The 2021 free agency class is LOADED. The team that has the most cap space has the best chance to succeed right away. Luckily for the Pistons, their well on their way to having the most cap. If they trade Blake Griffin, they have 1 player on the books past the 2021 season, Sekou Doumbouya. I think they’ll resign Luke Kennard regardless, he’s part of their future. But other than that, this set them up beautifully. If they only sign Luke Kennard, they’ll have the most cap in the league to sign some high profile players. This advice should be the easiest for the Pistons. I can’t imagine a ton of people wanting to play with the Detroit Pistons. Sign one-year deals and get ready for that next offseason.

The Detroit Pistons don’t have a hard agenda this offseason but they need to play their cards right. Trading Blake Griffin should be their top priority. Trade him to any team for draft picks or expiring contracts. Then, all you have to do is sign 1-year deals and tank this upcoming year and they’ll be golden. This is literally easy as pie. They’ll have at least 3 good young players and then so much money to spend for the 2021 offseason. That free agency class is legendary and teams should try their best to have the most money to spend for that class. Pistons, this isn’t hard to do, do not fuck this up.