Ronaldo May Move to MLS
Current Juventus player Cristiano Ronaldo may move to MLS in a few years. Photo by Getty Images.

Major League Soccer (MLS) seems to be the league of retirement for many. People like Wayne Rooney and Zlatan Ibrahimović moved to MLS after retiring in Europe. Cristiano Ronaldo may move to MLS after his run at Juventus.

He is currently placed on a four-year contract with Juventus that was signed in 2018. He moved there after nine years with Real Madrid. There he was able to win the Ballon d’Or, four Champions League titles and two La Liga titles. Before that, he did well with Manchester United, where he won a Champions League title with them.

Even though he still has two years before his contract is up, he has been looking at his next move. According to Orlando City captain Nani, there is a chance that Ronaldo could move to MLS.

“A couple of years ago, he told me that he will probably end up in America,” Nani said. “It’s not 100% but probably. There is a chance.”

Former LA Galaxy player David Beckham has said that he’d like for Lionel Messi and Ronaldo to play at Galaxy.

Even without Beckham wanting Ronaldo there, that’s probably where he’d end up. They would be one of the only MLS teams that could compete financially for him.

Nani says that MLS is a good league, even after what people say about it. There is lots of room for improvement, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad league. He says that there are talented coaches and players within the league. There needs to be more player development, and that would be a major factor to improve MLS.

Although I am not a Ronaldo fan, it could be good for Ronaldo to move to MLS. It would most likely draw more people to soccer in the U.S. The more popular it gets, the higher chance we have of improving the overall sport in America.