Kneeled in Silence
Premier League teams Aston Villa and Sheffield United took a knee to honor those who have died during the pandemic. Photo by Getty Images.

Kneeling in Silence

Premier League has resumed! They kicked off the big day by showing their support for Black Lives Matter. The teams also kneeled in silence to honor those who have died in the pandemic.

Aston Villa and Sheffield United paid the tribute first. After the kick-off whistle was blown, everyone including referee Michael Oliver took a knee.

“Both clubs hope that the act of `taking a knee’ will send a strong message of unity and amplify the many messages of support from Premier League players and the wider football family,” both teams said in a statement shortly after.

Manchester City and Arsenal also paid tribute when their game started later that day.

In the UK there has been around 42 thousand coronavirus related deaths.

To help create precautions the traditional walkout was changed. The teams came onto the field separately, stood two meters apart and there were no handshakes allowed. There was also an absence of ball boys to reduce contact. Only 300 people were allowed to be in the stadium to help with operations. As well as three security zones. All actions were taken to help the safety of everyone.

All teams will be wearing the Black Lives Matter jerseys for their first Premier League matches. There have also been rule changes that allow up to five substitutions in a game.