Landry Shamet
Is Landry Shamet the one who got away? The 76ers are going to regret trading away Landry Shamet. #MADEinPHILA – #ClipperNation (Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The Philadelphia 76ers are in go for it mode after trading for Tobias Harris at the trade deadline. Philadelphia might even have the best starting five in the Eastern Conference. Ben Simmons, Jimmy Butler, Tobias Harris, JJ Redick, and Joel Embiid. Elton Brand dropped his nuts on the table and demanded respect. What’s not to like? While the 76ers are absolutely better today on paper after the Tobias Harris trade, it’s possible that they parted with the most important player in the deal. The 76ers will regret trading away Landry Shamet.

Since the Tobias Harris trade, the 76ers are 8-5 since the trade. Harris has been awesome. In 13 games with Philly, Harris is .518 percent from the floor and .400 percent from the outside. He’s a constant scoring threat. He plays real defense. Harris has great length too. However, I think we have learned two things in recent days.

1: The 76ers have no chance to become a real contender unless Joel Embiid is the focal point of the offense. Their are days where I honestly wonder whether he can be the best player in the league. The guy is unbelievable. The question is health and endurance. All I know is without Embiid, this team sucks.


  • Embiid – playing 20-29 minutes per game: +23.4 Net Rating
  • Embiid – playing 30-39 minutes per game: +7.2 Net Rating
  • Embiid – playing 40+ minutes per game: -4.3 Net Rating

Translation. The 76ers not only need the big guy healthy. They need him in shape.

On / Off Stats

  • Embiid On Floor: Net Rating +7.9
  • Embiid Off Floor: Net Rating -2.5

Joel Embiid is the earth, moon, and stars for the 76ers. When he plays, the 76ers are very good. When he doesn’t play or isn’t on the floor, they kind of suck.

The brings me to my second question. Is Tobias Harris a max player? If the answer is no, why the hell did you trade away two first round picks and an emerging young player for one-year rental. Really think twice about that question. Are you sure you want to pay Tobias Harris $189 million over 5 years? That’s probably what it’s going to take.

Forget about the first round picks for a second. Landry Shamet is going to be a guy the 76ers really regret trading. The 76ers bench stinks. The Rockets were begging someone to take James Ennis. Furkan Korkmaz is barely shooting 40 percent. Amir Johnson literally cannot jump. He’s the definition of a liability. Mike Scott just blows. I don’t know what he contributes. Zhaire Smith is still choking on peanuts. You can only get so far with try hard T.J. McConnell. Especially when he’s the only reliable bench piece they have.

Landry Shamet could have been the answer to that problem and may have been the long term replacement for JJ Redick in the starting lineup. The LA Clippers have won 5 straight and a big reason is because of Landry Shamet. There’s something to be said for people or things who are reliable. When I was a kid every time my mother went to the grocery store, I knew we were eating good for awhile. Every time I watch Game of Thrones, I know I’m going to get my pants blown off in a good way. Ever time I watch Landry shoot the ball, I’m shocked if it doesn’t go in. The former Wichita State product is shooting .42 percent on 3-pointers on the season. He’s also converted .467 percent of those attempts since joining the Clippers. That mark puts him first among rookies by a country mile.

Since joining the Clippers, LA is +12 points better with him on the court. The Clippers traded their best player (Tobias Harris) and they haven’t missed a beat. Montrezl Harrell is turning into a monster. Shamet never misses. Lou Williams can score 30 off the bench. Patrick Beverley will tear your face off. The Clippers are the team that you should be paying attention to. Just imagine what will happen when they add a star to the mix.