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2019 Reese's Senior Bowl

(AP Photo/Butch Dill)

2019 Reese’s Senior Bowl Practices: Day 2 South Notes

2019 Reese's Senior Bowl
Deebo Samuel has conquered the #seniorbowl Who else stood out on Day 2 for the South team at the 2019 Reese’s Senior Bowl (AP Photo/Butch Dill)

Day two of practices at the 2019 Reese’s Senior Bowl continue. The second day got off to a bit of a rough start. Weather moved the practices indoor because of thunderstorms in the area. Media members were banned from the indoor facility. What a tragedy. Luckily the least probable hero of all-time came through. ESPN broadcast the practices today so that’s where the clips will come from. If I would have been there, Jim Nagy would have been hearing from me because I would have demanded that 1/4th of my plane ticket and hotel costs would have been refunded. But that’s a different story.

I can’t even believe NFL Network canceled coverage. They re-aired the NFC/AFC title games instead. I’m very heated. ESPN’s coverage was horrible but at least they came through to air it. Okay, up first is the South team. Kyle Shanahan’s group rounded out the day. Here are my takeaways from the South team on day two at the 2019 Reese’s Senior Bowl.


Will Grier had a better day today. In the 7 on 7 drills, Grier really just aired in out. That’s not that surprising. Grier loves taking deep shots. I would call his arm good not great. His feet are a mess. In structure, Grier can make things happen. On the move, it’s shocking if he doesn’t miss. Grier’s best day on the day came on a back shoulder throw to Deebo Samuel but I’ll get to that later so keep reading.

I thought Tyree Jackson took a bit of a step back. He throws a hell of a ball. When he’s on, Jackson looks like a NFL starter. The issue is there are too many misses. It kinda reminds me of a poor man’s Josh Allen. Regardless, Jackson is a project worth investing in.

One last thing. Gardner Minshew has some grit to him. Speaking of poor man’s versions. Minshew looks like Baker Mayfield’s less talented brother. It’s incredible.

Running Backs:

I kinda like Ryquell Armstead. He runs really hard. Even in a practice setting, Armstead embraced contract rather than shied away from it. The Temple back really drops his pad level and picks up yards he maybe shouldn’t. Armstead is taking advantage of what appears to be a weak running back class.

I don’t know what happens with the coverage but I swear I never see Bruce Anderson from North Dakota State. I would like to see him but he’s never on TV. It’s probably a me issue. Then it turned out that he was replaced on the roster by Darrin Hall, the Pitt back we saw at the East-West Game.

Wide Receivers:

Deebo Samuel is the kind of guy that gives me the feels. This is why I wake up in the morning. This is why I work so hard watching these players to put together scouting information. Nothing makes me happier when I’m way ahead of the curve. I have been trying to tell you for three years how good Deebo Samuel is. I’m not sure that anyone at any position has been better than the South Carolina receiver this week.

Deebo has been nothing short of ridiculous. Yesterday was a cookout putting every defensive back on his smoker to marinate. Today was much of the same. Three things really separate Samuel from the pack. One is that separation. This is the best route runner at the Senior Bowl. Two is his ability to create yards after the catch. Deebo is just one of those guys that is better with the ball in his hands. Once he catches it, you’re going to get a ton of YAC. Finally, Samuel has nasty hands. Those hands have been places. They have to have been because Samuel catches everything. Check out this unreal back shoulder grab that Will Grier threw.

Again, I tried to tell you how good he was just a few weeks ago. If I’m a GM, I have to have this guy. Not debatable. Samuel would have been the top receiver on my board prior to the draft process and after what I saw, I’m more convinced that’s the case.

The two West Virginia guys are interesting. I prefer Gary Jennings to David Sills. Jennings can fly. He doesn’t even need a hesitation move to beat you over the top. There’s speed to kill someone. Sills had more production in college but I think Jennings will be the better pro after what I’ve seen. Sills is so weird to watch. He has a suddenness to him where he catches balls that you didn’t think he would. It’s hard to explain. His biggest issue is he struggles with press coverage. When I say struggle, I mean really struggle. I saw that a bit against Oklahoma earlier in the season.

Speaking of press, I don’t think Hunter Renfrow really has that issue. He’s such a good route runner that defensive backs always seem to be guessing. You can slot him with the Pats next year already. That’s a lock.

Some other quick notes to mention here. Tyre Brady has some tools to him. His pure speed is noticeable but isn’t a super polished route runner. The Marshall wide out looks like he has strong hands too. Anthony Johnson impressed me again. The Buffalo receiver is extremely physical at the point of attack. He’s one of the few guys that converts balls in the air when he’s covered. Johnson will get called for a few offensive pass interference calls. He really jacked up some dudes running routes.

Tight Ends:

Dax Raymond and Josh Oliver look the exact same out on the field. They are the same height and same weight. Hopefully, more clarity to come tomorrow.

Offensive Line:

The offensive line was truly dominated during the team portion. They couldn’t get anything going. In the team drills, I don’t think any of the running backs were given an open hole if their life depended on it. It’s a rough year for the offensive line.

However, individually, some of them showed a ton of potential. Andre Dillard of Washington State is establishing himself as the top tackle. He kicked the Old Dominon pass rushers ass all day. Both Oklahoma guards are just solid. Ben Powers I prefer to Dru Samia. Finally, how about Oli Udoh! 6-foot-5, 365 and he really had some good reps at right tackle. If the Elon offensive lineman’s feet can hold up outside while being able to kick inside, that means everything for making a team.

Defensive Line:

I don’t get the hype behind Oshane Ximines. Slow off the ball. No quick twitch movements at all. When you come from Old Dominion, you better blow my pants off and that hasn’t come close to happening yet.

I thought day two was Isaiah Buggs day. The Alabama defensive lineman put his best foot forward. Buggs played everywhere along the front for Bama. He’s going to be a typical three-technique in a 3-4. What impressed me with Buggs was his pass-rushing arsenal. Swim move, rip, spin, and everything else. Check out this swim right by Javon Patterson. Buggs makes it look easy. There’s a reason why this guy led Bama in sacks.

Other notes: Wyoming’s Carl Granderson has to have ADHD or something. He never stops moving. Nonstop effort. Montez Sweat is making himself quite a bit of money. Today he really anchored in the run game. Nobody set a better edge on the outside than he did. Daylon Mack still can’t be stopped. Double teams are needed. Dontavius Russell might win the ass award. Not athletically gifted but has serious power.


One guy stood above the rest and that is Terrill Hanks of New Mexico State. The speed for the position is outstanding. Despite being just 230, Hanks is a downhill thumper and delivers a blow. I like what I’ve seen from him in coverage too.


Two corners top my list for the South. One of them is Rock Ya-Sin. A: Great name. B: I love the way he fights. The Temple corners are always reliable. He volunteers to go against Deebo Samuel every single time. He’s the only guy that doesn’t lose every time. Ya-Sin had his fair share of pass break ups. Rock really is the complete package. Good size, speed, lateral movement skills, and competitiveness.

The second is Isaiah Johnson of Houston. Two long corners piqued my interest just from viewing the initial rosters and Johnson really pulled away from Kentucky’s Lonnie Johnson. The Kentucky Johnson is really tight in his movement. He’s going to struggle with double moves. The Houston Johnson was the opposite. 6-foot-4 and moved like he was a tiny slot guy. Oily hips for a long corner and covered really well. The ceiling on this guy is through the roof. I need to learn more because I was blown away.


There are three defensive backs with Kentucky helmets. Two defensive backs with Miami helmets. It’s extremely difficult to keep track of who is who. I just want that on the record.

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