Charley Casserly
According to Charley Casserly, the #DallasCowboys had one major flaw in 2018. They threw the ball too much to Dez Bryant! What an idiot! (NFL Network Screen grab)

It’s been a rough go of things for Charley Casserly over at NFL Network. First, he called out Kyler Murray for bombing the combine interviews. It turned out that Casserly was a total fraud. He then started blasting Josh Rosen for bad work habits. I find that hard to believe given Rosen’s background. Now Casserly is really throwing the cherry on top.

The Dallas Cowboys won the NFC East in 2018 but apparently they had one major flaw according to Casserly. Well, he claims they threw the ball too much to Dez Bryant. Of, course, Bryant didn’t play a snap for the Cowboys in 2018 and released prior to that season:

Nailed it! Way to go Casserly. You’re really on top of your shit. Dez Bryant spent exactly 0 days in a Cowboys uniform during the 2018 season and somehow the Cowboys threw the ball to him too much. I think at this point, it’s fair to point out that Casserly either is very stupid or he has a mild form of dementia. This guy has clearly lost his mind one way or another.

For what it’s worth, the Cowboys did target Cole Beasley more often in 2018 without Bryant. In 2017 with Dez on the team, Beasley was targeted 63 times. In 2018 without Dez on the roster, Beasley was targeted 87 times. Again, I think it’s fair to ask. Is Casserly just stupid or is he suffering from dementia? I really want to know.

Beasley, 30, is currently an unrestricted free agent. Given the fact that Dallas has a number of young players they need to lock up long term, I’m guessing Beasley will not return to Dallas. Michael Gallup will get a chance to become the team’s number two receiver. He showed flashes as a rookie and was a pre-draft process standout a year ago out of Colorado State.