Colin Cowherd
Dear, Colin Cowherd. Your argument defending Rob Manfred stinks. Cowherd unsurprisingly misses the mark on why everyone is pissed at Rob Manfred. (Frank Micelotta/Fox/PictureGroup)

Dear, Colin Cowherd. Your Argument Defending Rob Manfred Stinks

Nobody has to agree all the time when it comes to sports media. That’s why it exists in the first place. I have no problem if someone disagrees with something I have to say but you better have a reason to back it up. Colin Cowherd entered the chat today and maybe put together the most useless 10 minutes in the history of sports TV. It was so pathetic that I would be embarrassed if I ever put out a segment like this on TV. I’d retire on the spot. A 5-year-old could have brought better points to the table.

Again, it has nothing to do with his take (even though it’s wrong). It has everything to do with being irrational and clueless. Colin Cowherd decided to defend Rob Manfred today despite all of the struggles baseball is having putting the games back on. An odd move but the execution in defending Manfred was the weakest sauce I’ve ever seen.

There are SO MANY PROBLEMS with this. Let’s break them down piece by piece.

A: Cowherd is so tone-deaf. Nobody is blaming Manfred for baseball’s past. We’re aware of the work stoppages in the past. Cowherd’s first argument defending Manfred is the lack of scholarships in college baseball programs offer. HUH? That’s like saying Captain Crunch isn’t that bad, orange juice companies make juice with and without the pulp. It doesn’t make any fucking sense. You can’t wrap your head around his first point. For the record, Baker Mayfield was a college walk on so how that’s relevant in any point just shows how clueless Cowherd is.

B: Cowherd then goes on about how it’s fine to contradict yourself. Not surprising coming from a TV host that changes his mind constantly. People are angry because Manfred said 5 days ago baseball is definitely coming back and then said baseball might not come back. Yeah, nobody likes that ever.

C: There’s a reason why people don’t like Manfred. Of course, you decided to ignore all of those points. There are things you cannot deny and it has nothing to do with the fact that he works for the owners.

Manfred can’t speak. Literally can’t speak. I’m 5-foot-8. NBA basketball player isn’t in my future. I don’t have 20-20 vision. I’ll never be a pilot. Just a reality. Sorry but being able to articulate words is part of the job description and he can’t do it. Politicians and Sports Commissioners need to be able to speak.

  • Manfred has done nothing to grow the game. Attendance is way down and so are TV ratings. He gets blame for that.
  • Manfred called the World Series trophy a piece of metal and essentially said it meant nothing. Imagine if Adam Silver said that about the championship in the NBA?
  • Manfred tried to get the tomahawk chop taken away for Braves games and changed his mind a day later.
  • Manfred was sloppy, unorganized, and careless in his Astros sign stealing scandal. I’ve gone over all of the problems with it whether you agree with the punishment or not.
  • Manfred botched the Red Sox investigation finding zero credible evidence and blamed everything on a video intern ruining a guy’s life for no reason.
  • Manfred was also caught sweeping the Yankees cheating scandal under the rug.
  • Manfred implemented idiotic rules such as the pitch clock and 3 batter minimum that ruin the game. He also did so while juicing the baseballs. which tarnishes the game.
  • Manfred proposed to cut 40 minor league teams from the sport. Instead of growing the game, he’s trying to kill off part of it.
  • Manfred publically called out Mike Trout for not promoting the game when he fails to do so as commissioner.
  • Manfred allowed financially unstable Derek Jeter to buy the Marlins which then resulted in them selling off basically their entire team as the Marlins trouted out a AAA team since Jeter has taken over.
  • Manfred did nothing when Mets owner Jeff Wilpon fired a woman for being pregnant. Not a joke.

D: That’s how you compile an argument, Cowherd. Invite me on the show. I’ll show you how to argue a point. “You just want to complain about something”. How about the 12 things I just brought up? Zero mention of any of them. Would Cowherd have any chance of winning the argument?

E: Baseball would be significantly more popular if ARod was running the sport.

F: I read this in the comments. It’s 100 percent correct. Minor League baseball isn’t the problem. Not even close.

G: Cowherd spent a minute talking about Hockey arguing a baseball point. That tells you everything you need to know.

I would be embarrassed if I was Cowherd getting paid millions of dollars a year and this was my argument. I would retire from TV. Totally not surprising that Cowherd missed the mark on a baseball topic. I pity the fool if I debated him on this topic. Just watching his dumb face look speechless would be priceless. By all means disagree but at least bring some better heat to the table, my god.