Rob Manfred
Rob Manfred is doing a 180. He now approves of the tomahawk chop at Braves games. What a coward #ChopOn (John Raoux/AP)

If you haven’t been following along with the storylines around baseball, let me help you out. Recently baseball is all over the place thanks to Rob Manfred. The commissioner recently spoke about how he is banning the tomahawk chop at Braves games. That’s great, but it’s also not true. You can read that full post here. Now Manfred is doing a total 180 and claiming he misspoke.

“Citing sources with intimate knowledge of this situation, in Atlantahas learned that Commissioner Manfred simply misspoke regarding the state of the Tomahawk Chop, which has been a staple of Braves home games since 1991 . . . Additionally, our source said that Manfred had intended to praise the Braves for removing Chief Noc-A-Homa brand from in-game action and merchandising, a measure that was phased out after the 1986 season.”

A: what a coward. This guy Manfred has unilateral power to do whatever he wants and he can’t even get something this small passed. Just get rid of the damn chop. What’s taking so long? I think we need a therapist to diagnose Manfred with some sort of disorder because there is clearly something wrong with this guy.

B: The Braves essentially just chucked him the finger and did whatever they wanted anyway. They continued to promote the chop on multiple platforms.

C: He can’t speak. Whoever quoted him the first time may have just wrote the wrong words down. It sounds like he is constantly chewing food every time he speaks so the reporter could have easily misquoted him. Credit to me for not calling him stupid this time. In fact, the least surprising part of this story might be the fact that this story of Manfred misspeaking came to light.