Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders is ripping MLB for trying to eliminate a number of minor league teams (John Bazemore/AP)

Baseball is dying and Rob Manfred is running the sport into the ground. All you have to do is listen to Manfred speak and it won’t take you long to realize that this guy is one of the biggest idiots on the face on the earth. When I say idiot, I mean just lacks intelligence but somehow runs a multi-billion organization. That’s baseball for you. MLB is trying to eliminate a number of minor league teams from the sport to try to save money. They have made an enemy out of Bernie Sanders.

Love Bernie Sanders, Hate Bernie, or indifferent, it’s hard to argue. There is no reason to cut minor league teams. It has everything to do with trying to save money. Baseball would rather cut costs rather than worry about developing talent. You tell me how that makes sense. This is also that same sport that is so stupid that they pay posting fees to international teams rather than hold a unified draft. Luka Doncic enters the NBA Draft, he gets picked, end of story. Shohei Ohtani wants to enter MLB. Teams beg to pay $20 million posting fee to the Japanese team. Baseball does a lot of dumb shit that makes zero sense. It’s just one of 800 examples.

Let me just give you a few more examples. Attendance is way down. MLB is anti gambling, anti sharing of social media clips, and anti fun. You tell me why the attendance is down. It doesn’t take a smart person to figure it out. MLB deserves to be ripped. I didn’t even know when Opening Day was this past year. It’s the worst marketed sport out there. The sport is being poorly managed.