Rob Manfred is brainless. He thinks the #ChopOn – Braves are eliminating the Tomahawk Chop (Getty Images/Streeter Lecka)

Rob Manfred has to be one of the dumbest commissioners in the history of American Sports. I remember watching the Rule 4 Amateur baseball draft a year ago. If Manfred pronounced a kid’s name correctly, I was shocked. He literally cannot speak. No commissioner including Roger Goodell has come out with comments that do not make sense more than Manfred.

Two weeks ago, Manfred was recognized by the National Congress of American Indians for removing the Chief Wahoo logo from the Cleveland Indians. They are still called the Indians so I don’t really get the praise but I guess it’s a step in the right direction. Now Manfred believes that he is solely responsible for eliminating the Tomahawk chop at Braves games.

Kevin Blackistone of the Washington Post had the following:

“There is still the matter of erasing the nickname Indians from the Cleveland club. And there is baseball’s Atlanta club, which has been fighting to get its fans to stop cheering the team by employing the so-called tomahawk chop — an invention of those who colonized and all but exterminated native people that purports native people as violent.”

“The Braves have taken steps to take out the tomahawk chop,” Manfred said. “I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that.”

This guy Manfred. Words can’t describe how stupid this guy is. He is living in some sort of fantasy land. The Braves are actually selling this exact shirt right on the website:


Manfred is so worried about bullshit like a pitch clock that he doesn’t even know what merchandise is getting marketed. Not surprising considering baseball has zero idea how to market their sport in the first place. Could you imagine the NFL begging Tom Brady to be more marketable like baseball did with Mike Trout? It’s embarrassing and that’s on Manfred.

Oh, I almost forgot. I googled the Braves promotional schedule for the upcoming season. Opening day is a real doozy!

I have no words to describe how big of a moron Rob Manfred is. No words. I’m open to suggestions for a nickname for this idiot.