Dave Portnoy Show Launches Live Reaction Podcast To Young Pageviews Defense Video

The Dave Portnoy Show released a special episode to talk about the Young Pageviews defense video. Confused? Let me walk you through it from the beginning.

Dave Portnoy ripped his employees for not pushing merchandise hard enough on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Ben Friedman AKA Young Pageviews AKA YP becomes a quick punching bag. Portnoy was very upset that YP didn’t do enough for Barstool Outdoors merchandise. So much so that Portnoy essentially is ready to fire him.

YP then posted a video to defend himself in the middle of the woods. Now Portnoy is reacting to that video. All caught up?

Let’s get to some quick takeaways from the video.

Gaz makes a bunch of appearances as a fact checker. The notion that YP started all of the Outdoors accounts seems a little false but it does appear that he has done most of the leg work.

Portnoy does call YP a bit of a used car salesman. Portnoy also said he has sent a team of editors to back him in the past. YP is not editing his videos in season 2 of Outdoors.

Portnoy still is frustrated with the production. 16 total episodes in two years isn’t cutting it in his eyes.

The contract then gets discussed. Calling Erika “E” was awkward. Portnoy essentially says he extended him cause he wasn’t under contract and claimed he was doing a big project.

YP hasn’t written a blog in over a year. That’s a tough look. Even if you’re outdoors doing stuff, it’s incredibly easy to take 15 minutes out of your day to do one post. Especially when it comes to viral videos of animals. To not write a single blog is a bad look.

Several employees that have worked with YP are pissed they have not gotten any credit.

Final shout out goes to Eddie. He does a great job cohosting the show.