Barstool Breakfast
Barstool Breakfast talks Peter Nelson and Dave Portnoy. Peter Nelson’s departure from HBO is going to be a hot topic at the company all day. (Barstool Breakfast)

Peter Nelson is obviously a hot button talking point at Barstool. For those who don’t know, Nelson played a key role in trying to get the Call Her Daddy Podcast to move to a different network. In case you missed it, Nelson was let go by HBO. Dave Portnoy was the first to celebrate his departure. One day later, Barstool Breakfast started out the morning by talking about what went down.

Willie Colon and Large are the hosts of the show. This video doesn’t go into a ton of detail. I’m sure they probably talked about it more the actual show but the clip on Social pretty much just goes over the basics. Peter Nelson played himself and Portnoy always celebrates those who wronged him.

Barstool Breakfast has had its own drama in the past. For whatever reason, they just can’t seem to find a third host. Francis was fired (and rightfully so) after his insensitive post. Brandon Newman was brought in from Fox Sports 1 to fill that role. It looks like he’s either out or on the way out. During the month of July, Newman did a total of 6 blogs-videos and really didn’t make any appearances on radio.

I’m sure the rest of the shows will follow with some sort of statement on the news. Based on what was posted on Social, Barstool Breakfast didn’t go super in depth. Sirius XM radio doesn’t provide ratings for each show but Barstool Breakfast seems like one that is doing well for the brand. Both Willie and Large host the morning show and despite the drama that’s transpired, the company seems committed to the show.