Dave Portnoy
Dave Portnoy blasted his employees for not pushing merch hard enough on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Portnoy shared his thoughts on his podcast. (Romain Maurice/SouthBeachPhoto/Shutterstock)

Times are tough in the sports industry. Companies like ESPN, The Athletic, etc. have laid off a number of employees due to the pandemic. Barstool has not fired anyone during the pandemic because their company is stable. Barstool’s founder Dave Portnoy made it a priority to have all of his employees push sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to keep it that way.

On the latest episode of the Dave Portnoy Show, he went over the details about why he lost it on a number of employees for not pushing merch hard enough. There were a number of examples. The most notable being YP who basically is an eye lash away from being fired and replaced.

YP is clearly on his shit list. As Portnoy said, he’s been non-existent in the office filming Barstool Outdoors. Portnoy clarified and said he was dead serious that he was looking to replace YP for Outdoors.

Portnoy also was frustrated that he feels that a number of employees simply don’t care about their jobs. They just live in a fantasy land and it’s 100 percent true. A number of their employees are dead weight. It’s really not that hard to put out a tweet to help sell merch. Some of the lower ranking employees did the least amount of work.

Portnoy also said (which is important) that he didn’t make a cent from the merch sales. He did it all for the betterment of the company. His efforts alone impacted the sales by millions.

Call Her Daddy, Pardon My Take, Fore Play, and even Chef Donny got recognition for helping push merch.