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Big news in the Barstool World. Dave Portnoy is beyond frustrated with Young Pageviews. Portnoy officially wants a new leader for Barstool Outdoors. (Barstool Image)

Dave Portnoy Threatens To Fire YP, Wants New Head Of Barstool Outdoors

YP AKA Young Pageviews has been a member of Team Portnoy since its inception. Today, his membership has been revoked. In fact, YP is the first member of Team Portnoy ever to be kicked out of the club. Barstool’s founder is NOT happy.

Dave Portnoy has been on a Twitter rampage pressuring his employees to help sell merchandise on Black Friday. Portnoy sent an email memo to all his employees to help sell merch. Of course, selling merch is an easy source of revenue.

Portnoy makes a great point. If employees want a raise, then be a team player and try to sell merchandise. Portnoy has been frustrated with YP for a long time. He’s mentioned more than once on his podcast that he doesn’t know what YP does.

YP is the head of Barstool Outdoors but Portnoy is past his breaking point. YP clearly had done enough to push Portnoy over the edge. On Twitter, Portnoy showed a text chain with YP and then later suggested he’s looking for a new man in charge with the Outdoor brand.

Will Portnoy fire YP? He’s already fired him from Stool Scenes. Does anybody know YP’s real name? All valid questions. Time will tell what happens next.

In other news, Vendetta employees want merchandise shop upgrades. Have any of them tried to sell merch? NOPE. Anyway… if you like the site and want to support us, buy a shirt and support the cause! Maybe this post will get the rest of the team to help move merch. Who knows.