Young Pageviews
Young Pageviews has been blasted by Dave Portnoy is recent weeks. YP defended himself during an Instagram Live session. (Barstool Image)

Ben Friedman AKA Young Pageviews AKA YP has been under fire from Barstool founder Dave Portnoy. YP is very much in the crosshairs and has been for some time. It’s gotten to the point where it’s entirely possible if YP is replaced on Barstool Outdoors.

The story starts when Portnoy ripped his employees for not trying to push merch sales hard enough. YP became an easy target when the Outdoors brand didn’t push merch out enough. After an absolute ass chewing from Portnoy, YP finally decided to respond.

For those who don’t feel like watching the entire 15 minutes, let me do a quick recap for everyone.

YP filmed the entire thing in the middle of the woods. Does it make more sense to spend more time outdoors to film things for outdoors? Yes.

YP was under the impression that he was in good standing. CEO Erika Nardini had just extended his contract another four year. Obviously, an indication that he was doing a good job.

YP also defended his work. He accused Portnoy of lying about a few things. YP claims he built the Outdoors brand by himself. He has absolutely no help. He does everything by himself and seemed mildly frustrated that nobody has been assigned to work with him.

Young Pageviews also seem genuinely like a bleed Barstool guy. He apologized if he didn’t push merch hard enough but defended the job he was doing with the company. Maybe it’s a matter of Portnoy just not liking YP. After all, he did remove him from Stool Scenes.

Portnoy’s biggest issue with the brand could be a lack of viewership? YP acknowledged he’s not pulling Call Her Daddy numbers.

So where do we go from here? Well, time will tell.