Dave Gettleman
You won’t believe what #Giants gm Dave Gettleman had to say about Eli Manning. Is Gettleman the only person in America who thinks Manning can still play? (Danielle Parhizkaran/USA TODAY SPORTS)

Eli Manning sucks. I think the entire world knows this. Manning has nothing left in the tank. We all get the fact that he won two Super Bowls but he hasn’t been a good player for the past 3 years (6 if you want to be honest and not give him the benefit of the doubt). There is only one man on the entire planet who thinks Eli Manning can still play. That man is Dave Gettleman and he has the brain of a dead squirrel.

The Giants hosted a press conference to confirm the Odell Beckham trade. You will not believe the words that come out of this idiot’s mouth:

“… This narrative that Eli is overpaid and can’t play is a crock. I’m telling you. So at the end of the day you have to say Gettleman is out of his mind or he knows what he’s talking about when he evaluates players. That is really what it is. That is really where it’s at. And I’m OK if you disagree with me. That’s fine.”

Manning is scheduled to make $17 million this season. That doesn’t include a $5 million roster bonus that’s due March 24th. In 2013, Manning threw 27 interceptions. He’s been terrible for a long time. He’s worth maybe $2 million to be a backup if we’re being totally honest.

I can’t fathom how stupid Dave Gettleman is. What game is he watching? How can anyone watch Eli be a statue back there and think that the Giants have a good quarterback? They have zero plan. None. It sounds like the Giants not only plan to have Eli back, those comments make it sound like adding a quarterback isn’t even a priority. I truly can’t imagine a 7 year old would be dumb enough to make these comments.