Ben Roethlisberger
One Ex-Steeler teammate is claiming that Ben Roethlisberger fumbled once ON PURPOSE to spite Todd Haley #Steelers Do you believe the story? (Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

Ben Roethlisberger is an asshole. Everyone knows this. I call him Ben Rapistberger. Seems like a fair nickname to me for what he did. Anyway, in recent weeks Roethlisberger has gotten way to much of a pass for the way the Steelers and Antonio Brown situation unfolded. Today we had one of Big Ben’s teammates take a shot at him.

Former Steelers running back Josh Harris claims that Roethlisberger fumbled once on purpose just to spite former offensive coordinator Todd Haley:

“Todd Haley called a run play with very little time left in the game,” Harris wrote on Twitter. “Ben wanted to kneel. He rolled his eyes in the huddle. He then purposely fumbles the ball. I had to recover it. At that moment I knew what kinda person he was.”

This game that Harris is referring to came in the last game of the 2014 regular season. The Steelers were playing the Bengals with an AFC North Title on the line. Pittsburgh had the ball and was leading 27-17 with 1:09 to play. The Steelers could have just taken 3 knees and ended the game. Haley instead called a play. This is when Roethlisberger fumbled on purpose to make Haley look bad.

“And I was a fan of Ben,” Harris wrote. “I was star struck when I first saw him. It was an honor to see Big Ben. Then I saw what he was. It made it sour for me. That’s why they tell you never meet your hero’s.”

Harris was the one in the backfield and was supposed to get the hand off. Big Ben gave it to the fullback instead and purposely caused a fumble, According to Harris. At this point, it’s hard not to believe him. This is the guy who was on the field. Anything with the Steelers is believable. If you told me that Big Ben started doing wheelies on the field with his motorcycle, I’d believe it. Doesn’t matter the story. Anything that happens with the Steelers has to be true. They are such mess.