Jamie Newman
Does Jamie Newman have a promising future in the NFL? His draft stock is crumbling as we take a look at his 2021 NFL Draft Profile. (Frank Franklin II/Associated Press)

Jamie Newman 2021 NFL Draft Profile

Jamie Newman enters the 2021 NFL Draft with his stock tumbling by the day. Coming into the year, Newman was projected to be one of the top quarterbacks in the class. That couldn’t be more false now. What does Newman actually bring to the table? Let’s check out the 2021 NFL Draft Profile on Jamie Newman.

Jamie Newman stands at 6-foot-3, 234 with some intriguing raw tools. At Wake Forest, I spoke highly of Newman. He looked like someone that had that extra zip on the ball with an added rushing component. Newman had a quick release and that ball came in HOT. I didn’t think there was any question Newman was better than Jake Fromm.

Newman was set to transfer to Georgia. It would have been the perfect measuring stick. Sure, Newman flashed a bit at Wake Forest but showed some undeniable red flags. Additionally, his supporting cast was essentially just Sage Surratt (who in reality stinks). Getting to see Newman in the SEC with Georgia would have been a treat!

Except… that didn’t happen. Newman decided to opt out of the college football season. I have no idea why you bother transferring only to not then play. Especially a quarterback that had a ton to prove. Don’t get the move. Not even a little. It destroyed his draft stock.

The worse part was when Newman showed up to the Senior Bowl, it legit looked like he forgot how to play football. That’s not a joke. You can scroll through whichever Senior Bowl notes you want in our data base. Newman couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. Newman’s accuracy was also a question mark but this was beyond bad. The guy looked lost and couldn’t hit a throw to save his life.

Newman in the past was a guy that sailed everything when you watched him actually play. Accuracy was piss poor. For his career, his completion percentage is just a smidge over 60%. That’s probably not even an indication of who he is. Rocket arm but he air mails at least 4-5 throws a game.

So where does Jamie Newman stand now? He’s gone from an interesting prospect to completely undraftable in my mind. Newman’s Senior Bowl performance was the nail in the coffin. Probably no need to even waste your time and Newman only has himself to blame.

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