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Is Dak Prescott A Franchise Quarterback?

Dak Prescott

(Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

Dak Prescott
Is Dak Prescott a franchise quarterback? (Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

Dak Prescott is easily one of the most polarizing quarterbacks in the National Football League. Now some hate him because well he plays for “America’s Team” some also like him for the same reason and also due to the fact that Dak Prescott is simply a winner. However, his detractors would claim that his wins would actually have more to do with Ezekiel Elliot, Amari Cooper and his star studded defense. Now I could write fifty articles debating all of this but I’m here to discuss something a bit more relevant to the news nowadays is Dak Prescott a franchise quarterback or is he going to be a franchise killer? Especially when he gets paid franchise quarterback money when he doesn’t deserve it, well according to skeptics anyways personally, I will take my chance on a winner but we will jump into that in a second as before I continue I have to ask what is the goal in the NFL as a whole think that for a second.

Alright did you think about it? Okay, so if your answer isn’t winning one I’m going to need to revoke your membership to watching or talking any sport whatsoever because you must be kidding me, 32 teams, 1696 players go out for the ultimate goal to win. So by curiosity why is it when it comes to winning people seem to think its better to lose and throw for 400 yards? Yes for those clever enough to realize on who I was talking about Aaron Rodgers I am one hundred percent talking about a quarterback who in my mind needs to prove why he is paid so god dang much because the ownership just paid for a deep pass in a game in which they lose 31-24. Was this hyperbole, yes yes it was but in my mind I could see someone like Chris Simms (which by the way Mr Simms I will have words for you soon as well) try and say well Aaron Rodgers got 24 points so his defense shouldn’t have allowed 31 points. However, someone like me who saw and heard how much praise from Stephen A Smith and Shannon Sharpe have given him well if he’s truly a bad man why couldn’t he score 31 points as well.

Okay, it sounds like this writer is just player hating well first of all no I’m actually not hating on Aaron Rodgers actually the rant in the paragraph above is more to the same people who disrespect someone who fits what it means to be a franchise quarterback, but again don’t take this as Aaron Rodgers Slander it’s not. Aaron Rodgers is a great talent but is he really a “Franchise Quarterback” well this is a easy one yes but it does truly depending by definition what is a franchise quarterback. But for a slight second allow me to give you a comparison Aaron Rodgers reminds me of a James Harden whilst Dak Prescott reminds me more of a Prime Rajon Rondo one will go out of his way to score 40 points, the other sacrifices his scoring to make his teammates better so he will only score 12 points and get 10 assists. Now I gave pretty accurate descriptions of both while being fair to both allow me to give you a description of a franchise quarterback if its the fourth quarter and there’s about 3 minutes left and your down about 5 points would you trust your quarterback to drive the ball 80 yards and score the touchdown. If I said do you trust lets use Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady to go score you more than likely would say yes and you’d probably win the game.

But what if I asked you about Dak Prescott? Well, do you like some statistics Mr. Prescott has a total of 14 game winning drives and 8 fourth quarter comebacks. A “Franchise Quarterback” must also show up when his team needs him the most so how about this stat in the playoffs Dak Prescott’s QBR was a whopping 75.05 that’s actually higher then Tom Brady’s in the past 3 years averaged up believe it or not. A franchise should be a great leader geez when everyone around your team and former players rave about your leadership abilities one would believe you’re a great leader. Now I have given you every example he is other than the consistent play in the regular in the regular season but I on record would take the last 8 games last season as a trend that’s likely to continue rather than a stretch where the team just got hot. Now I have hit each point I wanted to and there were more things I could have said to shown the big game point including what he did to the defending Superbowl champions last year but I feel that wasn’t so now after reading this entire thing I ask you to rethink is Dak Prescott a Franchise Quarterback In my opinion yes, yes he is.

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