Blackened Oranges Could Be The Key To Taking Your Taste Back From COVID.
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COVID Has Taken Away Taste For Many, And This Could Be The Solution You Need

A few months ago, I had COVID. It wasn’t too bad, but after I recovered, I noticed a glaring loss of taste and smell. For months, I would just go through my days, partially tasting things and reminiscing on what life was like when I could truly enjoy all foods and beverages. However, I seemed to have found a solution. There are some Tik Toks that have gone viral where someone burns an orange until the skin is black and eats the insides after peeling the skin away. After mashing up the orange’s insides and adding some brown sugar, the user is supposedly going to recover their taste and smell. While I had some skepticism in the beginning, I quickly realized that there was nothing else I could do except wait until my taste came back on its own.

One night, I finally decided that I could not wait any longer. For 15 minutes, I threw an orange on the stove, carefully turning it until the entire skin was charred black. After, I took a knife and peeled away the skin, putting the remains into a bowl. Even adding brown sugar did not make this the most appetizing meal, but I dug in nonetheless. After a couple of spoonfuls, I thought this was some silly internet trick that I fell for. Admittedly, I could taste the orange, but I believed it was a reduced taste like what I’ve been experiencing for the past few months. However, I decided to eat some ice cream after my experiment.

One bite into the ice cream sandwich, and it tasted… Sweet. It was a miracle! My taste has since recovered, at least mostly. There are some times where I second guess if it’s fully back, but I can confidently tell you that the blackened orange trick worked for me. If you’re struggling with recovering your taste and smell after having COVID, I highly recommend trying this. While more interesting news has come about here on Vendetta, this is a message for anyone out there who might be having a tough time tasting.

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