Vendetta Survivor
Somebody is getting fired. Who’s getting voted off the island? Tune into the first episode of Vendetta Survivor to find out. (Ariel Stull / Vendetta Sports Media)

Vendetta Survivor: Episode 1

We have a new rule with the company. It’s something I’ve been saying for a while. If I ever outpost the group, somebody is getting fired. It’s happened more than once but today is the day I’m taking action. Well… today was that day. I outposted the group 13 to 10 (on Friday). That’s not including three YouTube videos I was part of as well.

We have 38 active WordPress accounts not including myself. Is there any reason I should single handily outpost 38 people? NOPE. So… I’ve fucking had it. Somebody is getting fired.

Here are the rules:

  • Anybody that did a post gets a vote and is safe from the vote.
  • I will only vote if there is a tiebreaker.
  • Anybody who was in contact with me about why they were busy was safe from the vote.
  • Behind the scenes people are not allowed to be voted off.

Again. That’s really all I ask. Anybody who actually cares and is in contact with me about their schedule can’t be voted off.

Participating in tonight’s vote includes Max Murphy, Sam Linton, Nick Aprea, Evan Kinsey, Scott Logush, and Jackson Law. Who gets voted off the Vendetta island? Watch to find out.

Side Note: Is this an asshole move by me? 100 percent. Do I care? Absolutely not. It’s an honor to work here. Not a privilege. If those people don’t have respect for me or this company, I don’t have respect for them. Truly all I ask is for updates on why they’re busy.

I really don’t even care what the excuse is. I just gotta hear from you. That person could tell me they’re going clubbing for a week and can’t post. That makes you safe in my book. It’s called communication. Anybody that hasn’t posted for a while and hasn’t updated me recently on why they couldn’t post was eligible to be voted off.

Side Note: This is not a joke. I seriously fired this person.