Drew Brees
Saints Quarterback Drew Brees in the 2020 NFC Wildcard Game against the Minnesota Vikigns (Getty Images)

Drew Brees has undoubtedly had a Hall of Fame career. There are numerous reports circulating that this will be Brees’ last season. The man is in his 40s and just had 11 ribs broken this year if I were him this would be my last ride. The Saints have an opportunity to clinch the one seed in the NFC and make some magic in the playoffs.

Who Will Be the Next Saints QB After Drew Brees.

I think it’s a year overdue for Brees. Let’s be real he’s lost a ton of zip and arm strength throwing the football. The offense early in the year was not looking great under him. However, to his credit, Brees did turn it around and commanded the offense much more efficiently. The Saints are stuck in the middle right now as to who’s the next signal-caller in the bayou.

I’ll tell you right now it is NOT Taysom Hill. Hill is a gadget player that can do a little bit of everything and is a nice piece to a dynamic offense. However, in no way is he the successor to Brees. I’d give Jamies Winston more of a chance than Hill, but enough about them though, this is about the man that saved New Orleans.

Brees Has Left a Lasting Legacy in New Orleans.

Prior to the Brees era, the Saints were a joke of a franchise never winning much their only claim to fame was Archie Manning played for them. Brees shows up in 2006 and helped capture the heart of the city after Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans adopted Brees as their son and he accepted and excelled in that role. Winning a Super Bowl in 2009 and having one of the greatest quarterback careers of all-time, Brees is undoubtedly a first-ballot Hall of Famer and one of the game’s greatest.

Brees recently signed a broadcasting deal with NBC. When Brees does decide to hang up the pads we will still see him every Sunday.