Colin Cowherd
I again have to use this picture because it’s fitting (FoxSports.Com)

It’s official, Colin Cowherd is the worst NBA analyst out there. Move over Nick Wright. I don’t even know where to begin with this article. Cowherd’s logic on how he determined who is the 2020 Rookie of the Year makes zero sense. I’m a few days late with it, but I only saw a small clip compared to what all he really said.

I honestly don’t know where to start, but we can begin with the 30 points deal. First, this is false. Ja Morant scored 30 points during their third game of the season in an OT victory against the Brooklyn Nets. Second, since when did reaching a score limit determine who wins an award? Damian Lillard has two 60 point games but isn’t anywhere near the MVP race. Giannis’ season high is 50 and he’s considered by many the be the MVP this year. This logic just doesn’t make sense.

Next, the over .500 claim. Last time I checked, both teams where under .500. Is Cowherd considering injuries by saying “as a team”? If so, multiple key players for the Grizzlies had been out due to injury. Jaren Jackson Jr. had a good chance of missing the rest of the season where it not for the COVID break. I just don’t understand. It feels like Colin is trying to play both sides all in an effort to elevate the Pelicans to something that they are not right now.

I guess when we look to give awards in the future we should only observe that last month. Let’s have the playoff seeding happen then and only count the stats towards MVP and MIP and every other award during the last month of the season. Because that’s how Colin Cowherd sees the season. Even if the last month was five games, let’s take that as the only sample. Not only that, but Colin said Zion was shooting 50% from 3 his final month.

I went back over his final month, and even went ahead and went back to February, he 3-8 3 pointers over the course of February and March. The dude averages less that one 3pt attempt per game. I mean, sure you can say he’s averaging close to 50%, but it is absolutely ridiculous to give him ROY because he shot 50% from 3 his final month and say that it’s proof that he has a strong 3pt shot.

I do not know what to do with Cowherd anymore. Cowherd stopped being relevant to me about a year ago, and after much therapy I think my brain is starting to return to normal levels. But my investment in the sports world means that interactions with Cowherd are inevitable. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go take some medicine to get rid of this headache.