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Colin Cowherd Thinks All QBs Should Get Big Money

Colin Cowherd

Colin Cowherd
(Frank Micelotta/Fox/PictureGroup)

Look, we get it. We take shots at Colin Cowherd but they’re very warranted. When someone says the amount of stupid crap that he does, someone just HAS to take the shots at him. Today, Colin Cowherd said the following on The Herd:

Find me the big money NFL quarterback contract that isn’t worth it. No I’m dead serious. I struggle to find a single baseball contract, the big money, that’s worth it. Mike Trout is amazing. 435 million for Mike Trout? I looked it up this morning, he’s never won a playoff game… You cannot overpay for a star quarterback.

First, you can’t compare baseball and football money. Baseball players make so much because there is no salary cap, not because they’re really worth that money. Second, I can show you multiple big money quarterbacks who are not worth it.

Jared Goff: 4 Years $134 Million

The first name that came to my mind is Jared Goff. His big contract has absolutely screwed the Rams and he is nowhere near worth it. Goff’s contract runs through the 2024 season. Colin actually said that he’d pay Goff because “He wins games.” Colin Cowherd thinks that the Rams went to the Super Bowl because of Jared Goff. When actually they went to the Super Bowl because their roster was so good due to Goff being on such a cheap contract. Goff was simply along for the ride, Sean McVay had to hope Goff didn’t drive the car into a ditch. If everything isn’t perfect for Goff, he struggles just look at last year. The offensive line and running game fell apart and so did Goff.

(Per NFL.com)

Goff had more attempts last year than when the Rams went to the Super Bowl. However he had less yards, less touchdowns, more interceptions and his passer rating dropped by 14.6 points from 101.1 to 86.5. He is not a good quarterback. Colin said that Goff is worth “Every penny” and he just isn’t. Goff won because his team was amazing, with him taking up so much cap space that team won’t make it to a Super Bowl again.

Drew Bledsoe: 10 Years $103 Million

We all know that Drew Bledsoe is “the guy before Brady.” But he got PAID in 2001. The New England Patriots signed him to a 10 year, $103 million deal. At the time, that’s just nuts. But he only lasted 2 games with the Patriots in 2001 before being shipped out of town. He also retired after the 2006 season, so he wouldn’t have even fulfilled the entire deal. Bledsoe had 1 decent year with the Buffalo Bills in 2002. Yet it’s still not exactly what you’d expect a big money quarterback to do. He threw for 4359 yards, 24 touchdowns and 15 interceptions for a passer rating of 86. After that, it was a disaster.

(Per NFL.com)

Drew Bledsoe was an okay quarterback overall but he was never worth the big money he got.

Dak Prescott

Yes, I know Dak Prescott hasn’t actually gotten paid yet. Today, Colin Cowherd said, “You cannot overpay for a star quarterback.” Yet that wasn’t his stance a little over a month ago. On June 18th in 2020 Colin said

He (Dak) should be paid 29 and a half million. And that quarterback is Ryan Tannehill.

Also, he contradicts his own argument that wins matter for a quarterback when he said the following:

Playoff wins he’s (Dak Prescott’s) tied for 13th. I’m not gonna crush him for that, maybe Jason Garrett’s not as good as the coaches that he’s lost to.”

Yet, for paying Jared Goff an outrageous sum of money, Colin said that “He (Goff) wins games.” You can’t have it both ways. You blame Jason Garrett for Dak losing games, but give Goff credit for winning games when it is mainly, if not entirely, because of Sean McVay.

This is why I can’t stand Colin sometimes, he changes his stance with no explanation at all. If you’re going to argue something, pick that side and stay on it. Or if you do switch, admit it and explain why you switched. We notice your flip-flopping Colin Cowherd, don’t think for a second that we don’t.

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