Colin Cowherd
Colin Cowherd thinks the Ravens are going 16-0. Not a joke. I repeat. Cowherd thinks the Ravens are going 16-0! Whatever you say, bud. (HERD)

Colin Cowherd has had a lot of bad takes recently. Two most notable ones include him thinking Tom Brady and the Bucs are Super Bowl contenders and wanting to give the rookie of the year award to Zion Williamson. This next take my trump all of them. Not a joke, Cowherd is predicting a 16-0 season for the Baltimore Ravens.

Before I begin tearing Cowherd to shreds, two things are two.

The Ravens have the easiest strength of schedule in the league.

The Ravens travels the fewest amount of miles this season.

They have an enormous leg up and have really caught a break. Lamar Jackson is not a sustainable quarterback. However, with the easy schedule and talented roster around him, the chances are Baltimore SHOULD be good for one more year.

Now let’s get to Cowherd’s argument because it stinks. The only people doubting Lamar are the smart people. Unfortunately, we live in a country where very few of those people exist. Check our corona case numbers compared to the rest of the world. Lamar gets way more respect than he should. Jackson was voted the number one player in the league by his peers.

The Ravens are not going 16-0. We’re talking about a team that’s night and day different when leading and trailing. Baltimore would have to go 16 straight games scoring the opening possession. Not happening. In fact, the Ravens play the Browns in Week 1. I don’t want to predict it but they could easily lose that game. Kansas City, Philadelphia, New England, Dallas, and Tennessee who they lost to last year are all on the schedule.