Lamar Jackson
Feed me 65 more years of Lamar Jackson! There’s nothing better than being a Ravens fan. (Rob Carr/Getty Images)

BIG TRUSS! LAMAR JACKSON MVP! MY GUYS CANNOT BE STOPPED! I’M READY FOR THE SUPER BOWL… Except it didn’t happen. It feels like an alternate universe. How could anybody beat this Ravens team? The Titans humiliated the Baltimore Ravens 28-12 in a game that was never close. Such a shame!

The fellas came up just short this year. I’ll tell you what though. There’s nothing I’d rather see than 65 more years of Lamar Jackson. Feed me more Lamar Jackson. Nothing like falling behind in a game and have zero chance to come back. It’s almost like if Baltimore falls behind early, the game is over. That cannot be possible for an MVP! No quarterback I’d rather have.

Ok, now I’m being serious. This is a message that goes all to all of you. Fuck you. All of you. I hate all of you. Do you know what sucks? Having Lamar Jackson, having him play moderately well in a gimmick offense that won’t last, then having every person come up to you and say “will you apologize to Lamar Jackson”? I hate all of you.

Do you know what’s even worse? Rooting against your own team because you’re the only person on the planet with a brain and just see all of the flashbacks to Colin Kaepernick and RG3. Then you start realizing how stupid people are and nobody ever learns their lesson. How many times do we have to see this? Nobody ever learns. EVER. The good news is I totally bought into the hype so I’m very heartbroken over this loss.

Do you know what’s even worse than that? Laughing at your own team. Getting so much joy from watching them fail because of how stupid they are. You couldn’t write the script any better. It’s going to be GREAT watching Jackson win the MVP award while also completing 51 percent of his throws in postseason games. Life can’t get better. Hey, there’s good news. At least teams won’t have an entire offseason to game plan for the Greg Roman offense. Good news is there’s now no formula that can stop this Ravens team. Feed me 65 more years of Lamar Jackson. I’m so blessed to be a Baltimore Ravens fan.