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The Old Guard

The Old Guard Netflix Review

The Old Guard
The Old Guard Netflix Review. The movie about immortal humans sounds corny but overall it’s absolutely delivers and is worth the watch. (AIMEE SPINKS/NETFLIXNetflix)

It’s time for another Netflix Review. This time I’m going to take a deep dive on a new film called ‘The Old Guard’. This movie, I had zero expectations going in. I didn’t even know what the plot was. All I need is that was an action movie so that was enough for me. At the end of the day, I was pleasantly surprised. I can say The Old Guard is worth your time.

The premise of these reviews is not to give away any spoilers. I will, however, give away some of the plot because I spent the first 20 minutes not knowing what the hell was going on. The movie is about immortal humans. Sounds corny but they actually do good and fight crime or injustice.

Apparently it’s based on a set of comics but I have not seen those. I’m sure the comic series will give you a better set of understanding. I’m not sure how exact the movie is based on it either.

The main character (Andy) is basically the oldest human alive. She has been around longer than the cavemen. I’m also pretty sure she is the most unstoppable force ever created. She literally just doesn’t die. You could send an army of 300,000 and she will win. The action scenes are fun to watch.

The plot becomes a little easy to predict. I’m sure you know what’s coming already. Someone wants to hire them and a weird scientist is involved. That’s all I’ll say. Otherwise, it’s a great action movie to watch. Better yet, it perfectly sets itself up for a sequal and I’m praying that happens. They teased it too hard not to.


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