John Harbaugh
Did John Harbaugh admit he’s worried that teams will figure out the Ravens offense? Harbaugh’s quote was pretty shocking. (Kevin Richardson/Baltimore Sun video)

The Baltimore Ravens caught everybody by surprise last year. It was a super unconventional run heavy offense that the NFL really hasn’t see before. Now defensive coordinators will have a full offseason to prepare for the Ravens offense. Is John Harbaugh worried? I have to be honest, this quote actually shocked me.

“Going into our season last year, we were the iceberg,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said Thursday, via the team website’s Clifton Brown. “Ninety percent of what we were going to be capable of was still under water and people hadn’t seen it yet. Starting next year, we’re not going to be the iceberg. People are going to see us. We’re going to be everybody’s most important game.”

WOW. Did Harbs say what I think he did? This was shocking. Regardless, Harbaugh is right about one thing. Every single team in the NFL is going to be determined to stop this team. If Baltimore had 90 percent of their offense hidden last year, what’s the percent this year?

The Ravens were 14-2 last year and took everyone by storm. Their luck still ran out during the playoffs and Lamar Jackson has now shit the bed two years in a row when it counts. Personally, I think Baltimore should be a really good team again. The reason is, they don’t need Lamar Jackson to be great. This defense has vastly improved and the ground attack with Mark Ingram and JK Dobbins is now lethal.

The real question is, how long can Baltimore keep fooling teams? I think it’s a ticking time bomb but it remains to be seen how sustainable this is. It’s hard to know if the virus affects things.