Trace McSorley
Despite the fact that everybody already knows Trace McSorley stinks, the Ravens plan to carry him on the roster anyway for no reason at all. (Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports)

I laughed at me television when the Ravens drafted former Penn State quarterback, Trace McSorley. Why you might ask? Because I already knew they didn’t have any plan that made any sense. It reminded me of when Baltimore drafted Keenan Reynolds. They had no plan but picked him anyway. The same goes for McSorley.

As the 2020 season approaches, John Harbaugh was asked how many quarterbacks they plan to carry. Once again, the Ravens will carry McSorley on the roster but have absolutely no plan for him.

“This year, I would say that’s the plan and we’ll have to see how it shakes out,” Harbaugh said.

So basically, they will keep McSorley based on the sole fact that they think he will be claimed if they cut him. Hey, good thinking. Let’s not use a player at all but we will only keep McSorley because someone else may want him. Big brain!

Now you may be thinking to yourself “Trey are you being a little harsh? You’re telling me they didn’t use him at all?” You would be right, my friend. They used him. 1 carry for 1 yard. That’s the stat line on his rookie season. 1 carry for 1 yard. You want to talk about impact, that’s it right there.

McSorley can’t play and everybody knows it. The other part of it is if Sean Payton drafted him, I wouldn’t say a word. Payton has shown they he has a gameplan for gadget quarterbacks like this. Taysom Hill is the example. I’d love for Baltimore to prove me wrong but I already know it won’t happen. Why waste the roster spot?