Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press

I just don’t see how people think the Lakers will win a championship. To the Lakers credit, they have Lebron James and Anthony Davis. Lebron James is for sure a top 5 player in the NBA, and Anthony Davis is arguably a top 5 player. However, I feel like that is a lazy analysis. The Lakers have two of the best players in the NBA on their team, therefore, they’re winning the championship? Nah, that doesn’t do it for me. Sure, you can bring up the Warriors, who had Kevin Durant and Steph Curry, but you also dismiss the fact they had Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and even Andre Iguodala.

After watching the first 2 seeding games for the Lakers, it’s hard for me to say that they’re guaranteed a title. Versus the Clippers, the Lakers should have honestly blown them out with how bad the Clippers were playing. Clippers had 20 Turnovers, were without Lou Williams, and their X-Factor Montrezl Harrell, yet only lost by 2. While you can credit the Lakers defense for 20 turnovers, it doesn’t mean anything if you barely win. There was a time in the game that the Clippers had neither Paul George and Kawhi Leonard on the floor for 6 minutes due to foul trouble and somehow the Clippers barely lost.

LeBron James played horrible the first 3 quarters and came up clutch in the last quarter. That just shows that if one of their superstars is off, Lakers are mad vulnerable. While Anthony Davis had a terrific game, it was almost not enough for them.

Lakers Loss To Raptors

Then, I watched the Raptors and Lakers play and the Lakers weren’t that good again. The Raptors have been ballin’ even after the loss of Kawhi Leonard and it showed against the Lakers. LeBron James was better and more efficient in this game. However, Anthony Davis had a bad game, and frankly so did Danny Green. Are you seeing a pattern here? The pattern here is that everything has to go right for the Lakers to win games, much less, win a championship. LeBron James and Anthony Davis both have to physically carry this team. If they don’t the Lakers don’t have the depth on their team to get them to wins. They beat the Clippers barely with 20 turnovers and the Clippers missing 2 of their top 4 players.

They lost by 15 points to the reigning NBA Champions, when a small majority thought they would be as good as they have been this past year. This isn’t the same Eastern Conference that LeBron used to own real estate in. He’s in the Western Conference where the competition is stiff from 1-8 and then some. I think the Lakers get out of the 1st round, but I don’t even think they’ll make the Finals. They would have to face either the Thunder or the Rockets probably in the 2nd round, and Nuggets or the complete Clippers in the WCF.

Let’s say I am wrong though, they make it to the Finals, the Bucks have a defense to limit Los Angeles. The Raptors have a fortress and Coach of the Year in Nick Nurse. The Celtics have 5 people that can score and average 96 points on those players alone. Even the Heat are to be feared with the amount of depth they have. You’re telling me that the Lakers can beat all that unquestionably? I question your basketball knowledge if you think that. But sure, be surprised when they get kicked out of the playoffs, I’ll refrain from saying I told you so.

Lakers in 4 though, right?