NBA Schedule Lakers
2019-2020 NBA Schedule: Lakers Given a Layup By the NBA (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

First Stretch

What do you know, Lebron James is the luckiest player in the NBA. After looking at the first 20 games of the Los Angeles Lakers schedule, it’s almost apparent that the NBA will do whatever it takes to help Lebron’s legacy and its ratings. The first 20 games of their schedule is: LAC, UTA, CHA, MEM, DAL, SAS, CHI, MIA, TOR, PHX, GSW, SAC, ATL, OKC, OKC, MEM, SAS, NOLA, WAS, and DAL. If you know anything about the NBA, you’d know that most of these games are a cakewalk for the Lakers. In the worst case scenario, the Lakers would go 15-5 to start the season. Thus most NBA fans and Bronsexuals alike will praise Lebron (not the Lakers) for winning games THAT THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO WIN.

Second Stretch

Surely their schedule gets harder right? You’d think so, but there’s another stretch of games where the Los Angeles Lakers should win most of them to surely help their record. The stretch between December 29th-January 15th consists of 9 games where they can go on a win streak. The Lakers face: DAL, PHX, NOLA, DET, NYK, DAL, OKC, CLE, and ORL. Finally, the Lakers schedule starts to get harder to bring them down slightly to mask the blatant help they’re trying to give.

Last Stretch

The reason I’m not convinced is the schedule to close out the regular season for the Lakers. From March 21st-April 15th, which consists of 14 games, is another stretch where they can win 10 games easily to close out the season. The teams they face are: CHA, DET, TOR, CLE, WAS, MIN, IND, SAC, OKC, CHI, GSW, MIN, SAC, and PHX. This unequivocally helps the Lakers to make the last push for great seeding to ensure the easiest path of the playoffs. As an NBA fan that was excited for some parity in the NBA, this schedule infuriates me as it plays along to help Lebron and the Lakers as much as they can. It’s deliberate that the NBA is trying to help Lebron’s legacy seeing that he is 3-6 in the finals AND his first season in the wild wild West was a flop as he missed the playoffs. You might have everyone else fooled NBA, but not me.