Talk About All-Star Treatment

It’s no secret James Harden loves his strip clubs. We’re talking about a man that had his jersey retired at one Houston area club because he dropped so much cash there on the regular. But with COVID-19 protocols still in place across the country, it’s hard for men to get their grind on. But have no fear, CamSoda is here to save the day.

It’s not like Harden or any other NBA player doesn’t have the money to pay whatever price tag it is to get high levels of service from clubs. But CamSoda is going the extra mile. Representatives on stand by that will fulfill your request whenever you want? And if Durant, Kyrie, or Harden win All-Star MVP, the entire Brooklyn Nets gets the same treatment for a year? This may be the most invested All-Star game by any group ever.

Honestly, love the play by CamSoda. They take a dig at their competition in Atlanta and preach the safeties of social distancing during a pandemic. This makes CamSoda look like an organization that honestly is looking out for the well being of not just themselves, but their dancers and the entire American population.

A Helping Hand

For the players, it will probably be a boring All-Star weekend. Unless you’re lucky enough to have another player from you squad make the trip, there really won’t be anyone to hang out with. I’m not sure what protocols will be in place for the event, but I’d figure they’d be pretty tight. The NBA wants the money an All-Star game brings in, but wouldn’t do it if the it put the season at risk.

If you are a lonely NBA player headed to Atlanta for the All-Star game, sounds like CamSoda is the place for you to go. I think Harden goes off and gives the Nets a morale booster by getting everyone free virtual lap dances. Yes, statistics show Harden’s numbers dip in areas with good strip clubs. But this is for the team. It’s gonna be a tough second-half push to win a championship. Why not help the boys out?