James Harden

Yes, you’ve read that right. I won’t take the credit for finding this or doing the research, but simply just reporting it. This is just a thing of beauty. Those wonderful people on Reddit have done an amazing thing where they’ve found out that James Harden plays worse in cities with the best strip clubs. Below are the findings.

My God, what a thing of beauty. If you follow me on Twitter (@BALLBUSTERSVSM), you would know that I am an AVID James Harden hater. I absolutely hate how the guy plays. I hate how many Free Throws he shoots a game. I hate his Iso offense. I hate his traveling step-back 3. “Chick, what about his defense?” It’s hard to hate something that is NONEXISTENT. I hate James Harden and his style of play. I will not say the guy is a bad player. He’s at least a top 10 player in the league today. No matter how he gets the points, he will put up a lot of them on any given night. I just hate how he plays and I don’t understand why anyone would ever “stan’ this player.

The Rockets front office themselves should be looking at this data that this Reddit user has found. They should be thanking him and paying him for his troubles for helping them understand what could be a problem. I would take this data that the Reddit use has found and use this to my advantage. Especially if they’re thinking the James Harden and Russell Westbrook duo isn’t working. Sure, organizations can’t always tell players what to do and what not to do in their free time. But, if the front office dared to bring this up to James Harden and said “Hey are you doing this? Because this is affecting your stats and affecting the team.” That could be enough to make James Harden limit his….hobbies and hopefully, lead the James Harden to play even better and thus, winning more games. Link to u/AngryCentrist findings are below:

There is google docs that you should look into if you’re curious about the entire work. Of course, this could just happen to be an instance of correlation rather than being directly related. But NBA players like to party, and usually, frequent party spots happen to be at Strip Clubs. I wouldn’t put it past Harden if this is a usual hangout for him. I applaud this Reddit user for finding this. It’s simply a work of art.